Safari Places in Botswana

Botswana is located between Zimbabwe and Namibia, and is blessed with some of the best wildlife for an African wildlife safari, and can be accessed by road and air transfers. Botswana is home to the largest elephant population in all of Africa and provides guests with an unforgettable safari experience. Throughout the wilderness of Botswana, game such as African wild dog, antelope and rhino can be spotted on game viewing activities. The main attractions of Botswana are the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and Kalahari Desert, and the rich bird and wildlife that freely roam these areas. Botswana safari tour accommodation is offered at luxury safari lodges and activities includes game drives, Mokoro cruises, fishing, bird watching and cultural tours. See below for Botswana safari tour recommendations.

A Day on a Botswana Mobile Safari

A day on a Botswana Mobile Safari begins in the early hours of the morning when it is sometimes possible to hear predator interaction and plan a route...more

Botswana Boat Safari

Game viewing by boat on the Chobe River or in the Okavango Delta is a unique experience providing a different perspective to wildlife behaviour...more

A Romanticised History of the Botswana Safari

From somewhat wild and bloody beginnings the safari industry in Botswana today is taking the lead in the popularity stakes, with a variety of activities...more

A Time of Heat - Botswana Seasons Guide

October is the hottest time of the year in Botswana, and many visitors stay away because of this, but it arguably the best time, with the most dramatic...more

About Snakes in Botswana

Snakes are a huge part of the psyche of humankind, striking irrational fear into the minds of most people. Growing up on a farm where snakes were a part...more

Safari Travel Made Affordable

Are you an adventurous and budget conscious traveller? Then a adventure overland tour to Botswana is the right choice for you. Botswana camping tours...more

African Thunder - Classic Victoria Falls & Chobe Safari

The classic 5 day Victoria Falls & Botswana safari tour showcases the best of Southern Africa, combining one of the world's natural wonders with the greatest Elephant...more

Animal Behaviour - Human Impact

Animal Behaviour changes over time to adapt to changing climatic and situational changes and today the human impact is felt mostly when it comes to...more

Animal Behavioural Influences

Throughout history animals have been affected by environmental factors, with some species dying out and others adapting to the changes and becoming...more

Award Winning Documentaries on Botswana

The wilderness areas of Botswana are well documented in award-winning documentaries by some of the best know film makers in the business, with many...more

Baboon Sexuality - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Baboons are fascinating to watch and on many occasions they have provided a highlight during game drives. I have often wondered at our fascination with...more

Baboon Understanding - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Are animals capable of thought or are their actions based on instinct? I know many subscribe to the latter but I have seen one incident that has me...more

Baboons and Water - Botswana Wildlife Guide

I studied a troop of baboons in the Okavango Delta for over a year. The troop roosted in the trees on an island across from the lodge and every morning...more

Best Seasons for Birding in Botswana

Botswana is less known for its birding potential, but with a range of landscapes, from desert to delta, it is coming into its own as an African birding...more

Birding in Botswana - Specialist Birding Safari Tour

This 13 day Botswana Birding Safari Tour presents the greatest bird safari in Africa with some of the best birding guides in Botswana accompanying you...more

Botswana 4x4 Self-Drive Safari - Advice and Tips

here can be few more dramatic experiences than self-driving through pristine wilderness and there is no better place to do this than in the northern part...more

Botswana 4x4 Self-Drive Safari - Chobe Savute and Moremi

This 8-day Botswana 4x4 Self-Drive safari tour explores the legendary wilderness areas of Northern Botswana, a place of incredible wildlife and remote...more

Botswana A Country of Contrasts

Botswana is renowned among safari aficionados for its wildlife and pristine wilderness but one of its most dramatic attractions is the contrasts in the...more

Botswana Discovery - Deluxe Savute, Moremi & Okavango Safari Tour

This 7 day Deluxe Botswana Fly-in Wildlife Safari tour combines the unique Savute, Khwai, Moremi and Okavango regions to provide an awesome African Safari. For...more

Botswana Family Safari - Explore the Kalahari and Okavango Delta

This Botswana family safari is perfect for a multi-generational family holiday to Okavango Delta and the Kalahari. Family friendly safari lodges in Botswana...more

Botswana Fast Facts

Read some interesting Botswana Fast Facts including Botswana's world records, democracy, the national flag, the source of the Limpopo River and more...more

Botswana From The Air

Game viewing is the reason most people visit Africa, but in a country such as Botswana the landscapes can be just as intriguing, especially when viewed...more

Botswana Guide to the Indigenous Culture and Customs

What languages are spoken in Botswana? The official language of Botswana is English. What are the people like in Botswana? Many different cultures...more

Botswana Ideals

Botswana is a country of contrasts and many highlights, and there are many facets to the country, from desert to delta and from lush floodplains to arid...more

Botswana Journey Through a Land of Contrasts

Much has been written about Botswana and its wilderness areas, its political stability and strong economy and the wildlife has been dramatised in...more

Botswana Mobile Safari - Okavango Panhandle

A Botswana Mobile safari in the Okavango Panhandle will certainly provide an experience unlike any other African Safari, with scenery, incredible birding...more

Botswana Mobile Safari Guide

A Botswana Mobile Safari showcases some of the most dramatic wildlife and wilderness areas on earth, from life-giving deserts to lush freshwater deltas...more

Botswana Mobile Safari Memoirs

A Botswana Mobile Safari is one of Africa's most memorable safari experiences and guests leave with a sense of wonder and often share intimate details...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Central Kalahari

A Botswana Mobile Safari in the Central Kalahari opens up a world of variety in a harsh environment and showcases animal species not seen anywhere else...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Chobe Safari Experience

A Botswana Mobile Safari in Chobe gets up close and personal with the greatest Elephant herds in Africa and allows for unique game viewing from the water...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Into the Kalahari

A Botswana Mobile Safari into the Kalahari showcases a diversity of Botswana life, from sleepy villages to roaming cattle and unique wildlife...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Maun

A Botswana Mobile Safari is not complete without a stopover in the safari capital of the country, Maun, a place where almost all necessities for a Mobile...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Moremi

A Botswana mobile safari in Moremi Game Reserve is easily one of the greatest safari experiences in Africa, with beautiful landscapes and a profusion of...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Moremi to Savute

A Botswana Mobile Safari is as much about the Journey as it is about the destinations and nowhere is this more dramatic than on the road between Moremi...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Okavango

A Botswana Mobile Safari in the Okavango Delta is a once in a lifetime opportunity to appreciate this world-renowned wetland in its entirety and not...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Savute

A Botswana Savute Mobile Safari showcases some of the most dramatic wilderness areas in Africa, a place that echoes a time before the hand of man...more

Botswana Notes

Botswana is a country of stark, yet enticing, contrasts that add to the attractions of the pristine wilderness and incredible wildlife...more

Botswana Politics and Economy

One of Africa's most popular and exclusive safari destinations, Botswana is a fascinating world, home to well-known landmarks such as the Okavango Delta...more

Botswana Safari Activities

Botswana offers most land wildlife activities that are available on Africa safari holidays. Game drives, night drives, quad bikes, walking safaris...more

Botswana Safari Destinations

Each Botswana safari trip destination has some different type of vegetation. This dictates the type of grazing and browsing animals that inhabit the area. Find out what each Botswana safari region...more

Botswana Safari Review - Chobe Lodge and Hotel Reviews

Chobe Game Lodge, This IS a luxury oasis in the bush - cool, serene and quiet. A river-side resort inside Chobe National Park. Featuring a brand new Sky...more

Botswana Self-Drive Safari - Best Holiday Routes

Self driving safaris in Botswana are not for the faint-hearted and they certainly provide testing conditions but the freedom and adventure on the...more

Botswana Self-Drive Safari - Botswana Border Post Times

When self driving into Botswana from neighbouring countries give yourself enough time to clear customs and immigration at border posts, so you can get to...more

Botswana Self-Drive Safari - Maun Self-drive Past and Present

Maun is the gateway to the northern parks of Botswana and the last outpost to stock up on supplies for the trip through the parks. Read more on getting...more

Botswana Self-Drive Safari - The Effect of the Seasons

Botswana is the ultimate self drive safari destination in Africa, with remote areas and spectacular wildlife. Botswana provides the best in adventure and...more

Botswana Self-Drive Safari - Touring Botswana in a SUV

A self-drive in Botswana is generally associated with 4x4 vehicles due to the road conditions but it is possible to experience this diverse country in a...more

Botswana Self-drive SUV Safari - Makgadikgadi, Caprivi, Chobe & Vic Falls

This Botswana self-drive tour through Makgadikgadi, Caprivi and Chobe offers an opportunity to experience the wonders of Botswana in your own time and at an affordable price...more

Botswana Tourism - The Future

The Botswana safari industry today is built on photographic tourism but for many years the country was the haunt of trophy hunters. The massive growth in...more

Chobe National Park

This Botswana Travel Guide about Chobe explains why there is such a high Elephant population at Chobe River, part of Chobe National Park...more

Moremi Game Reserve

Safari holidays guide to Moremi - Simply put, the Moremi Game Reserve is an officially proclaimed part of the Okavango Delta. The Okavango is a physical...more

Okavango Delta

Besides being an oasis in the desert the Okavango, visible from space, is also one of Africa's greatest wilderness areas...more


Botswana Travel Guide explains the difference between the spelling Savuti and Savute, referring to either the channel or the marsh in Botswana...more

Eradicating the Tsetse Fly

The bite of the Tsetse Fly is one of the most painful experiences in Africa and often comes with the territory, but in Botswana the fly has been almost...more

Public Versus Private Concessions

Safari companies promote the concept of private concessions as an advantage to travelling in certain areas of Botswana, but what is meant by concession...more

Botswana Wildlife Protection

Botswana is renowned for its spectacular wildlife and pristine wilderness areas and, unlike other African countries, it is winning the war against...more

Botswana Wildlife Safari - Nxai Pan, Okavango Delta & Linyanti

This 7 day Botswana Wildlife Safari tour combines three different regions in Botswana, the Nxai Pan National Park, Okavango Delta and Linyanti...more

Central Kalahari - More than a Desert

The Central Kalahari, original home of the San people, is a place of rolling grasslands and wooded dunes, attracting a surprising diversity of wildlife....more

Chobe in the Summer

The two most impressive sights in Chobe National Park are the sheer vastness of the landscape and the numerous herds of elephants that live in and wander...more

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is the second largest park in Botswana and can be divided into four main focal points. Chobe River front with floodplains and teak forest...more

Chobe National Park Safari Package

This Chobe National Park Safari can easily be added onto any Victoria Falls or Botswana safari. Perfect if you looking for an unforgettable African safari...more

Chobe River Safari - Houseboat Adventure Package

This Chobe River Houseboat Safari Package is the perfect start or end to any Botswana holiday. Cruising along the Chobe River at a leisurely pace...more

Chobe River Where the Elephant and Buffalo Roam

The Chobe River is legendary for its concentrations of wildlife, especially elephants... and in particular during the dry season, with animals gathering...more

Chobe to Okavango Delta - Self-Drive Botswana Safari Tour

This 10-day self drive Botswana safari tour from Chobe to Okavango Delta via Victoria Falls, is ideal for guests who want to experience Botswana and Zimbabwe...more

Chobe Water Based Game Viewing

'The dust of the buffalo herd hung in the windless air, almost obliterating the herd of over five hundred animals passing the vehicle. Suddenly amid a...more

Choice between Lodge Safari or Mobile Camping Safari

The essence of African safari holidays has changed dramatically over the past years as the move to ultra luxury takes over from the original ideals of...more

Classic Okavango Delta Family Safari Tour

This Okavango Delta family safari in Botswana provides special activities for children, as well as an education in the preservation of wildlife....more

Classic Okavango Delta Honeymoon Safari

This classic 4 day romantic Botswana Honeymoon Safari takes in the beauty and romance of the permanent area of the Okavango Delta...more

Creatures of Change - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Botswana is a wildlife paradise and is home to some very interesting animal behaviour that has evolved through natural forces and through human...more

Cresta Thapama

Business travellers, families with children, groups of friends and couples will find something to enjoy during a visit to this Botswana hotel in Francistown...more

Elephant Encounter - Luxury Chobe & Okavango Safari Package

The 5 Day Premier Elephant Encounters package in the Okavango Delta & Chobe brings you up close and personal with the gentle giants of Africa on walks...more

Elephant Population of Botswana - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Botswana is known to have the highest elephant population in Africa, with the Chobe River supporting up to 50 000 in the dry season when the water in the...more

Enhance Your Game Viewing Experience

Many people do not know the secrets to seeing amazing animals while on safari. In a sense there is a safari etiquette that you need to remember, and...more

Experience a Dramatic Wildlife Safari in Khwai

The Khwai River, the northern-most overflow of the Okavango Delta, pushes water far into the dry lands of Botswana during the dry season, attracting a...more

Flooding of the Okavango Delta

Botswana and it's seasons are very interesting. The phenomenon of the flooding of the Okavango Delta occurs once a year in the Central Kalahari...more

Food on a Mobile Safari

Food plays a very important part on African Safari and guests expect the best, even on a mobile safari. As guides we always try and provide them with the...more

Footsteps Safari - Classic Okavango - Savuti Fly-in Safari Tour

This 5 day classic safari tour takes in 2 very different regions of Botswana, the pristine waterways of the Okavango Delta and the dry interior of Savuti...more


As one of the oldest towns in Botswana and site of southern Africas first gold rush, Francistown, home to 92, 500 people, is a typical frontier town...more


The capital of Botswana, Gaborone is named after Chief Gaborone, who led his tribe to this area from the Magaliesberg round about 1880...more

Gathering of the Herds - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Botswana is renowned for having the greatest concentration of Elephants in Africa, but what is not mentioned is that other animals also occur in large...more

Botswana Walking Safari

There is something special about viewing animals on foot and in Botswana the varied walking safari experiences provide some of the best safari activities...more

Getting to Botswana

Whether you plan to travel to Botswana by air or road, these are a few facts to consider...more

Guided Safari Tour Botswana - Okavango Delta & Chobe Trail

This 8-day Botswana guided safari tour - Delta & Chobe Trail - is ideal for guests who dare to step outside of their comfort zone...more

Health & Safety Precautions Before Your Botswana Safari

Botswana can be considered one of the safest travel destinations in Africa but as with all places around the world certain precautions have to be taken...more

History of Botswana - The Modern Day

Botswana has been blessed with great leaders, men who have guided the nation and its people with vision and commitment. While the discovery of diamonds...more

House Boat Adventure on Okavango Pan-Handle

A Chobe River houseboat safari out of Shakawe, aboard the vessel...more

How We Get You Around Botswana

The northern parks of Botswana are the main attraction for tourists who visit the country, and these can be accessed via a number of routes and travel...more

Intimate Hideaway - Fly-in Classic Okavango Delta Safari Getaway Package

This Classic Okavango Delta Safari Package explores the unique features of the Okavango Delta allowing you to get up close and personal to wildlife...more

Journey into Vast Desert Mysteries

The Central Kalahari is a place of legend and was once considered too far out of the way, but with new developments this fascinating region, although...more

Killing for Fun - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Journal Entry, 1997: The lioness got up from the elephant carcass and walked towards the waterhole. She was soon followed by two others. As the first...more

Kings Pool

The King's Pool Camp in the northern parts of Botswana overlooks the oxbow-shaped Kings Pool Lagoon and the Linyanti River to the north. The reserve consists of 125, 000 hectares of wilderness....more


Linyanti is situated north of Savuti in a corner of the Chobe National Park. The Linyanti Swamp is one of the most attractive areas in the park...more

Linyanti Safari Game Drive

The Linayanti region was once the haunt of professional hunters but in recent years the area has been taken over for photographic safaris and has quickly...more

Local Cuisine - Culture and Traditions of Botswana

Learn about the culture of Botswana and try their national dish Seswaa, a tasty dish of meat and thick maize porridge. One of the greatest experiences...more

Luxury Botswana Honeymoon Safari - Romancing Okavango Delta & Chobe

This Botswana Honeymoon Safari takes you to Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. It combines great game viewing with luxury accommodation...more

Luxury Linyanti & Okavango - A Wilderness Spectacular Safari Tour

This 7 day Premier Wilderness Spectacular Safari Holiday tour from Linyanti to the Okavango combines the most dramatic wilderness areas in Botswana...more

Majestic Journey - Classic Makgadikgadi, Okavango Delta & Linyanti Fly-in Safari Tour

This 7 Day Classic Botswana Fly-in safari tourcombines 3 wilderness areas of vastly differing eco-systems and animals but equal drama and species...more


Makgadikgadi salt pans along with the Nxai Pans are believed to be the largest in the world. They appear mostly as glaring, white, endless plains...more

Mashatu Game Reserve

The Mashatu Game Reserve, originally known as the Tuli enclave, is a sanctuary to the largest, single population of elephant. It encompasses 90, 000 acres...more

Matabele Ants - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The Matabele ants are aptly named after an African tribe that destroyed everything in their path as they swept through south and central Africa in the...more


Maun is the third largest city in Botswana. It is the tourism capital of Botswana and the administrative centre of Ngamiland. It is also the headquarters...more

Maun, Frontier Gateway to The Delta

Maun is the capital of the tourism industry of Botswana and the gateway to the legendary northern game parks of the country...more

Mobile Guided Camping Safaris in Botswana

Despite the changing ideals of the African safari it is still possible to experience a wild back-to-earth safari in Botswana, where camping under the...more

Mombo Island

Concealed from the world and located just off the north-western tip of Chief's Island, is the secret paradise of Mombo. Occasionally an island of its own, sometimes linked to Chiefs Island...more


In the Okavango Delta is the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, a 3 000 sq km paradise. Established in 1963 by the local Batawana tribe it has become...more

Moremi Between the Delta and the Bush

Moremi Game Reserve is considered the most beautiful park in Africa but even in this beauty is a time of suffering for the wildlife in the area, and yet...more

Moremi Safari Game Drives

Moremi Game Reserve is a place of great diversity and numbers of animals, and was the first park in Africa to be set aside for conservation by the local...more

Northern Explorer - Okavango, Moremi, Savute, Chobe & Vic Falls Camping Safari Tour

This 12 day mobile safari has set departure dates during the year, and is one of your best options to see some of the highlights of Botswana when...more


Nxai Pan in Botswana has been formed by a process that may have begun more than five million years ago. The Nxai Pan National Park offers spectacular, seasonal game-viewing in the rainy season...more

October is the Hottest Month in Botswana

The dry season in Botswana begins to tighten its grip a few months after the last rains have fallen in March or April and by the time October arrives...more


The Okavango is the most widely known area in Botswana.The Delta is an area of tranquil, Lily covered lagoons and channelshemmed in by papyrus Reeds...more

Okavango Delta. Waterworld in the Desert

There are many aspects to the Okavango but it is in the permanent waters where channels and lagoons showcase an often overlooked part of this unique...more

On a Safari Game Drive, Expect the Unexpected

Botswana is one of the most sought after safari countries in Africa with many diverse areas from deserts to lush delta grassland to forest, and a range...more

Origins of the Names of Places in Botswana

Setswana names are difficult enough for outsiders to pronounce but when the origin is from the San dialects then the task become impossible...more

Peermont Mondior Hotel Gaborone

The Peermont Mondior is an inviting semi self-catering Gaborone hotel in Botswana, which is close to many of the major business centres. The hotel is an...more

Peermont Walmont at The Grand Palm

Peermont Walmont in Gaborone is located at the Grand Palm Resort, an upmarket, Las Vegas style casino. The Gaborone International Convention Centre is...more

Phakalane Golf Estate and Hotel Resort Gaborone

For pure golfing pleasure in a Botswana hotel, Phakalane Golf Estate and Hotel Resort provides a luxurious destination close to Gaborone...more

Photographic Safaris in Botswana

Botswana is a wildlife photographer's dream destination, with its diversity of species and incredible landscapes, but there is far more to this amazing...more

Predators of Okavango and Linyanti - Big Cat Safari Tour

This 7 day Predator Safari is a fly-in package showcasing some of the most dramatic wilderness and wildlife in the northern parks of Botswana. This...more

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Botswana

The top 10 reasons to visit beautiful Botswana include the elephants of Chobe, rock art of Tsodilo Hills, the vast Okavango Delta...more

Recommended Books on Botswana

Although relatively quiet on the day to day news front Botswana nonetheless has a wealth of literature of many genres coming from the country, with...more

Retreat to Romance - Premier Okavango and Chobe Safari Tour

This 5 day Premier Romantic Retreat Chobe and Okavango tour highlights top wildlife destinations of Chobe and Moremi in Botswana, taking the best of each...more

Romantic Botswana Getaway - Savute, Chobe National Park

This 4 day premier romantic retreat Okavango package is about award-winning luxury and exceptional service to add to the ultimate romance under African...more

Romantic Escapes into the Eden of Botswana

Botswana is the top African destination for an intimate and romantic safari, providing privacy amongst some of the most beautiful scenery on the...more

Roughing it in Botswana - The Ultimate Reality Show

A Botswana Mobile Safari is the ultimate way to experience the pristine wilderness and vast array of wildlife for which Botswana is renowned, allowing...more

Savute Safari Game Drives

Savute in the Chobe National Park in Botswana is a place that has undergone great change over the past two years, from a semi arid wet season refuge to a...more


The Savuti (also spelt Savute) area borders the Delta to the west and Chobe National Park to the east and is one of Africa's best known big game areas....more

Savuti and Linyanti The Rivers of Life

Botswana is a place of strange rivers, referred to by some as miracle rivers, and none are more unique than the ever-changing Linyanti and Savuti river...more

See The Delta by Mokoro

The mokoro or makoro - (mekoro, plural), is a traditional canoe-like vessel commonly used in the Okavango Delta as a popular mode of transport, and now...more

Southern Africa Safari - Cape Town, Botswana & Victoria Falls

This Southern African Safari Holiday gives you two weeks safari in Africa from Cape Town to Botswana. Experience the rhythm of Cape Town...more

Territories and Home Ranges - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The Botswana Wildlife explains that most animals have territories or home ranges and the sizes are affected by availability of food and terrain....more

The Avani Gaborone Hotel and Casino

Come and enjoy a memorable experience at this Gaborone hotel in Botswana. Avani Gaborone Hotel and Casino offers guests fantastic accommodation...more

The Best Time to Visit Botswana

Depends on what you want to see. Botswana is a country blessed with some of the most dramatic wilderness areas in Africa, with some equally dramatic weather changes...more

The Botswana Elephant Experience

For the best Elephant safari experience in Africa there is no better destination than Botswana where the greatest numbers occur in the wild and where...more

The Meandering Rivers of Botswana

Situated in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, northern Botswana nevertheless has some of the most fascinating rivers on the planet. There are rivers that...more

The Natural Heritage of Botswana

Botswana is a country of superlatives, with is deserts, Deltas, spectacular wildlife and game parks that are pristine and well-managed. Botswana safaris...more

The Quiet Solitude of the Okavango Panhandle

Explore the rock art of the mysterious Tsodilo Hills, go catch tigerfish, or just cruise the waterway on a house boat...more

The Wild Calling. A Journey from Chobe to the Okavango

Jo Kromberg visited Botswana and reviewed Chobe Safari Lodge near Chobe National Park, as well as Oddballs Camp and Delta Camp located in the Okavango...more

Time Travel in the Okavango Delta

You'd never know what day it was. The silence. The tranquility. Time passes so slowly. And everywhere looks like everywhere else. Reeds and water. And an...more

Transfrontier Parks of the Future

Transfrontier Parks are the way of the future but none can be more exciting than the proposed Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA)...more

Tuli Block - Land of Giants

The name, 'Tuli Block', has an interesting origin. 'Tuli' is a river in Zimbabwe which has given its name to this region. The 'Block' is an allusion...more

Ultimate Elephant Safari - Premier Okavango Getaway

Experience the ultimate Botswana elephant safari tour. Experience elephants up close while on game drives and tranquil mokoro excursions in the maze-like Okavango Delta....more

Ultimate Luxury Botswana Wildlife Safari - Okavango Delta & Linyanti Wildlife Reserve

This all-inclusive Luxury Botswana Wildlife Safari combines luxurious accommodation with exceptional service, thrilling activities and spectacular wildlife sightings in Okavango Delta and Linyanti...more

Ultimate Moremi & Okavango Delta Safari Tour - Mokoro & Game Drives

This Ultimate Moremi & Okavango Delta safari tour takes you on an exploration of some of the most dramatic areas of the Okavango Delta in Botswana...more

Ultimate Wetlands - Classic Okavango to Linyanti Fly-in Safari Tour

This 5 day safari package showcases Selinda or Kwando and the Okavango Delta in full colour offering great diversity with stays at selected game lodges...more

Under African Sky - Classic Chobe & Okavango Delta Honeymoon Safari Tour

This 7 day Under African Sky Safari tour is the classic Botswana romantic safari, adding legendary destinations to a tour dedicated to celebration and...more

Understanding Dung - Botswana Wildlife Guide

I have often been ridiculed for my fascination with 'dung and dust'. In today's mindset, a wilderness experience is considered primarily a big five one...more

Unique Wetlands - Deluxe Moremi & Linyanti Fly-in Safari Tour

This 5 Day Classic Unique Wetlands Safari Package portrays 2 of Botswana's most incredible wilderness areas, both wildlife rich and scenically...more

Untamed Botswana Safari - Chobe & Okavango Delta

Spend an unforgettable week in the wild heart of Botswana. This 7-day Botswana safari is perfect for travellers who want to get in touch with the untamed...more

Victoria Falls and Botswana Adventure Tour

This 9-day Botswana Adventure Tour of Okavango Delta, Chobe and Victoria Falls is ideal for travellers who want to experience no-frills Africa...more

Victoria Falls and Botswana Honeymoon Safari

This Victoria Falls and Botswana Honeymoon Safari is ideal if you are seeking a classic African honeymoon. Romantic safari lodges in Botswana...more

Victoria Falls and Botswana Mobile Camping Safari Tour

This 17 Day Mobile Camping Safari Package traverses the parks and reserves on a mobile safari, staying at campsites in the wildest parts and experiencing...more

Walking with Giants - Luxury Okavango Elephant Safari Experience

This 4 day premier Okavango Delta safari package gives guests a chance to see mighty African elephants while on game drives, mokoro trips and boat safaris. Please note that Elephant interaction is no longer offered in Botswana....more

Where is Botswana

Situated in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, Botswana is a landlocked country in the central part of southern Africa. More than 80% of the country is...more

Which to Choose, Botswana or Kenya

September is one of the best months to visit Botswana and Kenya. The debate is which of these two will provide the best experience at that time of the...more

Why Safari in Botswana

There are as many reasons to travel to Botswana as there are reasons to travel on safari in Africa such is the diversity of landscapes and wildlife in...more

Wilderness Safari - Okavango Delta, Savute Channel & Livingstone

Experience the magic of Africa on this 8-Day Botswana Wilderness Safari. From lush floodplains of the Delta and open savannah of the Linyanti...more

Botswana Night Game Drive

Night drives in Botswana provide for some of the most dramatic and unusual sightings, and although not offered from every lodge there are more than...more


The striking land and water safari experience in the Okavango Delta, Xakanaxa, is renown for its big lagoons and notoriously big game...more

Xaxanaxa Safari Game Drives

'The scene in front of us is timeless. The first rays of the sun are caressing the dew drops on the grass and birds are flying in to begin a day of...more
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