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© The boma and deck at sunset at Camp Xakanaka. Okavango
The essence of African safari holidays has changed dramatically over the past years as the move to ultra luxury takes over from the original ideals of getting back to the earth and feeling the sand between one's toes.

African Safari Holidays - the changing times

African safari holidays of the past involved a campsite in the wilderness with varying levels of comfort and numbers of staff, but today the safari as we know it is predominantly about luxurious lodges and hotel-style service. In fact, so much has the style of safari changed, that the camping and mobile safaris of the past are now considered speciality safaris.Slick and glossy marketing, and decor-award winning lodges, have ensured that the concept of the African safari has changed forever. But is there still a place for the back-to-the-earth type safari that mobile camping provides?The air-conditioned rooms and gourmet food of the up market lodges are the big selling point for many people wanting to travel on safari holidays to Africa today, with the countless travel awards on offer in the industry playing a massive role in the travel choices of many people.

So why a Guided Mobile Camping Safari ?

So why rough it on a mobile camping safari holiday when you can indulge in award winning luxury? The answer lies in the personal ideals of an African safari. Is the safari merely to see the Big 5, as many lodges claim to provide, or is your idea of travelling to Africa to experience the essence of the continent?A mobile safari experience is based on living under the wide sky of Africa, smelling the wood smoke from the camp fire and listening to the sounds of the night knowing that the animals can wander freely into your space whereas a lodge safari is having the security of retreating to the safety of your room.Mobile safari holidays are also about feeling the dust in your toes and the heat of the day on your back, ideals that have become foreign in the luxury safari sense. So what type of safari will provide the best experience?

Guided Mobile Luxury Safaris with Personalised Service

This is achieved in the following manner, two or three deluxe and luxury lodges. All within a few hours driving distance of each other. You fly in to one of them, stay over for two nights, and on the third day, immediately after breakfast - be transferred by 4 x 4 safari vehicle to the next lodge - arriving in time for lunch.
And, you have your a game drive as your transfer. Ordinarily, you might fly - but then you dont get to see, smell or feel Botswana.

In this scenario, your guide and driver travel with you through-out your trip. So you are assured of receiving excellent personal serviceWhat many people who are undecided do, is combine a mobile safari with a lodge safari and in so doing get the best out of their African safari holiday.
Leigh Kemp

Guided Mobile Camping Safari Holidays

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