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General Travel information on travelling to Botswana which is a top safari destination in Africa.

What Makes a Great Safari Destination?

There are a number of countries in Africa that lay claim to the best safari destination on the continent, and while all offer something spectacular, it is Botswana that comes out tops on many people's list.

Botswana has fast become the first choice safari destination for many safari connoisseurs due to its varied eco-systems and wildlife diversity, and combined with a range of accommodations to suit every taste and budget, Botswana provides the ultimate in African safari.

Accessibility to Botswana

Although considered a long haul destination it is relatively easy getting to Botswana as many international airlines fly into Gaborone, or nearby Johannesburg, and connect with the safari areas in the north.

Getting around the remote wilderness areas of Botswana is mostly by small plane, but driving is also an option, although the roads are generally dusty and hard to drive, and suited for the more adventurous.

Political Stability

Botswana is known to be one of the most stable countries in Africa, politically, economically and with regards to visitor security. Regular elections ensure a healthy democracy and sound economic management have ensured a country and a people that respect security and human values.

Botswana Guide for the Informed Traveller

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Getting to Botswana

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