How We Get You Around Botswana

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The northern parks of Botswana are the main attraction for tourists who visit the country, and these can be accessed via a number of routes and travel options.

By Air

International flights from Europe and South Africa which fly into Gaborone link with local flights to Maun and Kasane, from where all lodges and camps in the northern wilderness area can be accessed.

Direct flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Maun offer convenience, and transfers from Maun to your lodge provide a unique - and popular - way of experiencing the northern wilderness of Botswana.

Light aircraft transfers between lodges are included in our package prices when you are visiting multiple lodges.

By Road

The road network in Botswana that links all the major centres is well maintained and easy to use. Roads from the neighboring countries provide easy access into Botswana with no problems associated with border crossings.

When travelling by road in Botswana it has to be taken into account that most roads in Botswana travel through subsistence farming areas and wilderness areas and thus stray animals and wildlife can be encountered at any time.

It is therefore advisable not to drive after sunset on any of the roads in Botswana due to the hazards posed by the animals.

By Boat

In the permanent water areas of the Okavango Delta the only way to move from place to place is by motorboat as there are no roads. Boat transfers between lodges are included when you book any of our packages that include multiple lodges in the Delta.

These transfers between lodges offer many opportunities for game and bird sightings - and so you can consider yourself to be on safari, an not just a transfer.

By Makoro

The traditional form of transport in the Delta is the "dugout" canoe. Although the local populace use them for fishing, reed harvesting and short haul transport, you can enjoy a serene sunset excursion at Delta lodges that offer such a pass-time.

These boats were originally constructed out of the trunks of certain trees. However their 3 year lifespan has a negative impact on a sustainable ecology. These days makoros are manufactured from molded fiber-glass to prevent degradation of the indigenous forests. Also, they have a longer service life and require little maintenance.

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