Memoirs of a Botswana Safari Guide
Echoes of Eden

© Shem Compion

Botswana is a land of contrasts and haunting beauty. From the vast silence of the Kalahari desert, to mighty Chobe River. Experience it in poetry, penned by a veteran safari traveller in Botswana.

A Moment in Wilderness

Chobe is legendary for its elephant populations, and in particular when they concentrate along the river during the dry season when the vast...more

A Time of Rain

The African wilderness relies on seasonal life-giving rains to ensure the growth of vegetation and in turn the survival of the wildlife that...more

African Awakening

There is a moment when night turns to day. I have not been able to figure out when or how it happens but there is a definite change. The nig...more

African Harmony

The African wilderness is alive with stories written in a number of formats, form the scent of the wind to the sounds of a storm, and it is ...more

African Whispers

The African wilderness is a vast storehouse of wisdom and knowledge that we have gradually forgotten in our material development but the les...more

Beyond the Gloss

Even the most principled turn to environmental squander over time as the wilderness is colonized by the 'new ideal'. Luxury lodges are compe...more

Botswana Obsession

My deep obsession with Botswana began at a very early age, the roots of which stemmed from a wandering uncle who hunted the wild lands of Af...more

Bounty in Trying Times - Seasonal Okavango Floodplains

There is no certainty as to how long the seasonal floodplains of the Okavango Delta will be flooded in a particular year – this is determi...more

Celebrating the Rain

The rains in Africa are a time of celebration for all the denizens of the wilderness areas, and a time for the renewal of vegetation and the...more

Death in the Wilderness

The death of an animal affects humans in different ways and the way of the death plays a huge part in how humans react to the incidents....more

Dramatic Wilderness

The wilderness of Africa is a place of drama, where anything can happen at any moment, and most visitors come to experience the interaction ...more

Echoes of an Ancient Song

There is a constant struggle to survive the harsh realities in the African wilderness, and in the Okavango Delta these realities often meet ...more

Echoes of Eden

Mombo is situated at the top end of Chief's Island, that large spit of land running up the near-center of the delta. Mombo is near the north...more

Essence of the Okavango

The arrival of the floodwaters of the Okavango Delta in Botswana can never be predicted and each area is affected in different ways each yea...more

First Stirrings of Man. The Pre-History of Botswana

Africa is a very fertile place for the birth of ideas relating to humanity and the universe, and many have added their say to the ever-growi...more

Heart of the Okavango Legend

The Okavango Delta in Botswana has to be one of earths' most unique wilderness regions and many visitors are drawn to this pristine wilderne...more

Hyenas of Botswana. More Predator than Scavenger

Scavenger is the term used to describe this much-maligned creature, and until relatively recently most people considered the hyena to be a c...more

Images of the Okavango

The Okavango Delta in Botswana means different things to different people and each season the views are incredible, providing the ultimate A...more

Lightning Bird

The Hamerkop, also known as the Lightning Bird, is one of Africa's most fascinating species and the subject of many traditional beliefs amon...more

Modern Wilderness Ideals

There is a huge difference between a wilderness experience and a safari. A safari is what is sold as the real thing. Today it usually encomp...more

Mombo Time

I have worked and traveled in most the wilderness areas of Botswana – Savuti, Nxai Pan, Nxabega, Okavango, Moremi – names of legend wher...more

Okavango Carnage

Every season in the Okavango Delta is special, with scenes playing out that seem to be out of place, such as the drying up of the pools on t...more

Okavango Dawn

The Okavango is a place of great contrasts and dramatic happenings, and visitors to the region experience much of the excitement through the...more

Okavango Day in Verse

Sunrise in African is a time when the denizens of the wilderness take stock and visitors to Africa head out in search of the Big Game that m...more

Passing African Seasons

The seasons of the African Wilderness define the rhythm of this ancient land, and many people live their lives by the moods of the seasons...more

Photographing the Skimmer

The African Skimmer ... previous attempts were met with frustration as the skimmers were always sitting on the sandbanks and, except for occ...more

Pursuit of Lions

Lions are the iconic animals for most visitors to Africa and the most visitors will have the opportunity of seeing them on game drives, but ...more

Refuges in the Wilderness

Waterholes are the lifeline for animals in the wilderness areas of Africa during the dry season, but they may also be death traps when they ...more

Scavengers and Humans

Mankind has evolved to a place we sit in judgement of all we do not agree with, but the wilderness provides us with a mirror of what we have...more

The Ivory Trade

The slaughter of Elephants for Ivory is one of the most heated debates in conservation circles today, with two opposing points of view. The ...more

The Leopard Cub

We first saw the cub at about eight weeks. It was hidden in a log in an open stretch of ground. A brief glimpse was all we got until the mot...more

The Real Africa

Glossy tourist brochures offer an experience of the 'Real Africa' where you can feel the pulse of the Africa of old throbbing through your v...more

The Secret Life of Termites

The termite mound is one of the characteristic features of the African landscape, where structures of all shapes and sizes can be observed o...more

Thoughts from the Wilderness

There are apparently 86 400 seconds in a day, and it is said that most of these pass by unnoticed. It is also said that some moments, be the...more

Wilderness Perceptions

Safari companies stress the need to protect the environment for future generations and yet are caught up in the capitalistic / materialistic...more
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