African Whispers

© Jeremy Jowell

The African wilderness is a vast storehouse of wisdom and knowledge that we have gradually forgotten in our material development but the lessons are there for all to experience.

Whispers in the silence

Plains vast in emptiness
bathed in a visual silence
passed by in disinterest

Within the presumed emptiness
are whispers low insightful
and if you listen closely
you will never see silence again

Whispers in the silence Part II

Wander deep into the silence
and you will hear a subtle, vociferous change
an almost invisible greening,
a breeze struggling to harvest the earth
and tiny movements, scuttling along the changes
and you will never be lonely again.Human fears: Silence, space and the pursuit of a peaceful soul have become things humanity has thrown aside, even judging those who show any interest in them, but for those who listen to the whispers of Africa the reward is great.Leigh Kemp
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