Celebrating the Rain

The rains in Africa are a time of celebration for all the denizens of the wilderness areas, and a time for the renewal of vegetation and the water supply.

A Time of Celebration

The rains of Africa provide inspiration for poets and artists alike and Celebrating the African Rain is a collection of verses from the times of experiencing this amazing happening.

The Wild Storm

A wild storm rages noise and wind
a spilling or a frustrated retreat

The noise, the fury then the silence
the moment, agreementa consenting tentative

a sudden spilling
a dampening of the dust
the scent of spent passion
there are deep sighs
the moment has gone
the wait for the new season is over

Celebrating the Afternoon Storm

In an evening of an afternoon rain
the frogs celebrate the moon clean
in a washed sky heralding the night and the silence beyond

The Morning Rain

A droplet, suspended
a moment, sparkling
reflecting images,
a beauty unrivalled
for a moment

A slow saturation scenting the first light
in dewy-damp a satiation
the dawn sparkles in passion spent
the chorus celebrates

Leigh Kemp

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