African Harmony

© Jeremy Jowell

The African wilderness is alive with stories written in a number of formats, form the scent of the wind to the sounds of a storm, and it is possible to understand the lyrics.

We have moved so far from our roots in the earth that we find no inspiration from the wilderness save for the sight of the big game that we have been instructed to appreciate as the ultimate African wilderness experience.

Stories in the African Wind

Do not hide from the secrets of the wind
But attend closely to the stories
Whispered to the senses
You can learn of a passing herd
Told in urine stained dust
And death described in malodorous mutters
Or a scented voice
Telling of the first sprinkling of blossoms
And a distant storm opening a new season

Beauty in the suffering

Seek out the beauty
Raw and refined
Visible all around
In the scents, sights and sounds
In a sunlit morning of a rainy night
Damp-scented, rejuvenating
Glistening diamonds of moisture
Reflective pools with the breeze teased water
Dancing to the tune of the sun
Seek out the beauty
In the sparkling jewels
Of webs and wings
And breeze-stirred leaves
Brushed by the morning sun

Beauty within and without

Abstract beauty in suffering and death
Patterned swirling in a shrinking pool
In footprints of last hope cast in mud
A hollowed carcass cut on an open plain
In the soft artist yellows of afternoon
Melting into the oranges of evening
And the serenading nocturnal voices
Telling of the cycle of the wilderness

Leigh Kemp
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