Botswana Wildlife Behaviour

Learn about animal behavior and why animals do what they do in the wild - and what signals to look out for while you are on safari in Botswana.

Animal Language. Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide talks about communication patterns of wildlife species - from warning calls to Elephants emitting ultra-sonic sounds...more

Animal Senses. Sight - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide about the animal sense of sight shows how the animal's developed eyes are needed for moving, finding food and avoiding...more

Animal Senses. Smell - Botswana Wildlife Behaviour

The sense of smell is widely used in animal bevaviour. This Botswana Wildlife Guide shows how wildlife can detect food, competitors, sexual readiness...more

Botswana Safaris - Lions of Northern Botswana

The regions of northern Botswana are the Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari and Savute. Lions living in Savute are known to be Elephant killers...more

Scavenging - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide about scavenging in the African wilderness will clear up if Hyenas or Lions are scavengers. Find out on a Botswana Safari...more

Habitats of Botswana Botswana Wildife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide describes the various habitats from the Kalahari Desert to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Linyanti Swamp and Okavango Delta...more

Area Species Differences - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide explains area specific differences of species. The differentiation can be made between wildlife living in wetlands or...more

Human and Animal Association - Botswana Wildife Guide

Due to human carelessness some species such as Hyena, Baboons and Monkeys begin to associate humans with food and then will become a 'problem'...more

Movement of Animals Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide gives ideas about why animals are moving. It explains zebra migrations, nomadism and the role of competition...more

Inter-species Relationships - Botswana Wildlife Guide

In this Botswana Wildlife Guide the interaction between specific species, called symbiosis, is described. Animals warn each other or pick parasites off...more

How Animals Fight Back - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Inter-species dominance comes into play when food is scarce. This Botswana Wildlife Guide tells of Giraffes fighting back and an interaction between...more

Do Animals Talk - Botswana Wildife Guide

This Botswana Guide describes how species communicate with each other, what their alarm or distress calls mean or what their body posture tells...more

Predator Hunting Techniques - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide explains which of the predator hunting techniques, stamina, stealth, power, speed, patience, smell, sound or sight, is used...more

The Predator Chain Botswana Wildlife Guide

It's interesting that hyenas are dominant over lions. This Botswana guide explains why the king of the beasts is not on top of the predator chain...more

Animal Diets - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Behaviour Guide explains the differences between grazers, browsers or carnivores. It also describes meat-eating herbivores...more

How Animals Learn - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Playing is very important for young wildlife. This Botswana Wildlife Guide explains how cubs learn important survival techniques while playing...more

Mating Rituals and Courtship - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana Wildlife Guide explains the different mating rituals and how animals reach dominance. It's interesting that Hyena society is female...more

Do Wild Animals Have Emotions - Botswana Wildlife Guide

This Botswana animal behaviour guide explains that animals show emotion. For example, Elephants mourn their dead or baboons carry their dead babies...more

Animal Senses - Hearing Botswana Wildlife Behaviour

If an animal has small or large ears or pinnae depends on its habitat. This Botswana Wildlife Guide about the hearing sense of animals explains why Kudus...more

Elephant Population of Botswana - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Botswana is known to have the highest elephant population in Africa, with the Chobe River supporting up to 50 000 in the dry season when the water in the...more

Gathering of the Herds - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Botswana is renowned for having the greatest concentration of Elephants in Africa, but what is not mentioned is that other animals also occur in large...more

Matabele Ants - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The Matabele ants are aptly named after an African tribe that destroyed everything in their path as they swept through south and central Africa in the...more

Animal Behavioural Influences

Throughout history animals have been affected by environmental factors, with some species dying out and others adapting to the changes and becoming...more

Animal Behaviour - Human Impact

Animal Behaviour changes over time to adapt to changing climatic and situational changes and today the human impact is felt mostly when it comes to...more

Territories and Home Ranges - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The Botswana Wildlife explains that most animals have territories or home ranges and the sizes are affected by availability of food and terrain....more

Pels Fishing Owls

The Pel's Fishing Owl is the second largest owl in Africa. It feeds almost exclusively on fish and lives in dense forests near rivers. They are shy and...more

Animals Using Tools Botswana Wildlife Behaviour

Although once presumed to be only the preserve of a human, animals are now known to use assistance in the form of physical objects such as twigs and...more

Animal Deformities Botswana Wildlife Guide

The general view of African wildlife is one of healthy animals roaming the plains, with the sick and wounded not surviving, but there are many cases of...more

Patterns and Colouration - Botswana Wildlife Guide

One of the fascinating aspects of the wildlife of Africa is the distinctive colours and patterns on show, and behaviour associated with each animals that...more

Animal Infanticide Botswana Wildlife Behaviour

Many aspects of wildlife behavior do not fit the African safari beauty of glossy brochures, with animal infanticide being particularly gruesome...more

Protection of Young - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The African Wilderness, with all its predators, is a place where adapting survival skills is key and many species have adapted unique ways to protect...more

Art of Animal Dung - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Animal dung, so often overlooked when on safari in Africa, can provide researchers with a great deal of information regarding the feeding habits of...more

Animal Survival Techniques - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Animals adapt various strategies to survive in the wild, and no place showcases the adaptations of wildlife better than in the spectacular wilderness...more

Animal Survival Techniques to Avoiding Danger - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The African wilderness is a dangerous place for those with limited survival skills, and as such the animals that live there have all developed their own...more

Animal Survival Techniques to Birth and Growing - Botswana Wildlife Guide

The dangers for animals in Africa begin from the day of their birth and because of this they have to adapt survival techniques from the very start, or...more

Survival Techniques of Mimicry and Camouflage Botswana Wildlife Behaviour

One of the most common survival techniques animals use is camouflage. They have adapted to their environment. The animals of Africa have adapted in a...more

About Snakes in Botswana

Snakes are a huge part of the psyche of humankind, striking irrational fear into the minds of most people. Growing up on a farm where snakes were a part...more

Colours of the Kingfishers

The Kingfishers of Africa are some of the most colourful creatures of the African wilderness and despite their name feed on a variety of prey besides....more

Baboon Sexuality - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Baboons are fascinating to watch and on many occasions they have provided a highlight during game drives. I have often wondered at our fascination with...more

Baboon Understanding - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Are animals capable of thought or are their actions based on instinct? I know many subscribe to the latter but I have seen one incident that has me...more

Baboons and Water - Botswana Wildlife Guide

I studied a troop of baboons in the Okavango Delta for over a year. The troop roosted in the trees on an island across from the lodge and every morning...more

Killing for Fun - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Journal Entry, 1997: The lioness got up from the elephant carcass and walked towards the waterhole. She was soon followed by two others. As the first...more

Understanding Dung - Botswana Wildlife Guide

I have often been ridiculed for my fascination with 'dung and dust'. In today's mindset, a wilderness experience is considered primarily a big five one...more

Creatures of Change - Botswana Wildlife Guide

Botswana is a wildlife paradise and is home to some very interesting animal behaviour that has evolved through natural forces and through human...more
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