Wildlife Conservation in Botswana

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Sustainable tourism in Botswana is managed by keeping tourism numbers low in order to reduce the environmental impact that could spiral out of control if left unregulated. Read more about wildlife conservation in Botswana.

National Parks of Botswana

Wildlife in Botswana National Parks has been attracting international interest for more than 150 years. Today Botswana National Parks and Ga...more

Elephants Retaliate

The incidents of animals in Africa attacking humans has increased dramatically over the past few years, with many mortalities been recorded...more

Eradicating the Tsetse Fly

The bite of the Tsetse Fly is one of the most painful experiences in Africa and often comes with the territory, but in Botswana the fly has ...more

Materialism and Conservation

It is not a new concept that man is using the African Wilderness for personal gain, but what does the new age of materialism mean for man an...more

Public Versus Private Concessions

Safari companies promote the concept of private concessions as an advantage to travelling in certain areas of Botswana, but what is meant by...more

Vet Fences in Botswana

Veterinary fences in Botswana are established to stop wildlife like zebra or wildebeest from competing with cattle. A controversial discussi...more

Botswana Wildlife Protection

Botswana is renowned for its spectacular wildlife and pristine wilderness areas and, unlike other African countries, it is winning the war a...more

Eco Tourism in Botswana

But how do safari companies in Botswana practice eco-tourism in the remote lodges of some of the purist wilderness areas left in Africa? The...more
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