A Moment in Wilderness

© Simon Bloomhill

Chobe is legendary for its elephant populations, and in particular when they concentrate along the river during the dry season when the vast interior of the northern Botswana wilderness is dry. During my years of guiding I have witnessed some incredible sights.

It is one of those perfect evenings, coming after a scorching day. The sun has set and the heat has succumbed a little to the African evening. A rumour of a breeze plays across the mind and the light is slowly dissipating as the senses adjust to the changes.

It has been a while since the fish eagles shouted their last words of pride and the guineafowl 's pitched piping has faded away into the distance. The wilderness is in quiet time, there is no sound save for the noise in my own head. The silhouette of an elephant ambles across the fading skyline and then the distant whoop of a hyena carries into the soul.
It is the perfect moment, a moment when it is easy to forget that there is another world, a world of humanity where the force of the universe has been so badly distorted that we do not know the meaning of love and respect anymore. A moment in humanity when someone is being murdered, someone assaulted and a child abused. It is a moment when the forces of cruelty and hatred far outweigh those of love.Leigh Kemp
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