First Stirrings of Man
The Pre-History of Botswana

© Michael English

Africa is a very fertile place for the birth of ideas relating to humanity and the universe, and many have added their say to the ever-growing idea pool of African debate. It is easy to be philosophical on a clear African night when the stars project eternity and time alone is a time for reflection, a time for the mind to ponder our place in the universe.

The distant whoop of a hyena or the piercing cry of a jackal brings us closer to a time when our security was our survival instinct, something that is deeply hidden in most people today.

The Age of the Universe

©Roger de la Harpe

It is said by the learned ones that the universe is more than 13 billion years old and is made up of countless galaxies, all born from the explosion of a molecule at the beginning of time. We are also told that our earth is more than 4 billion years old and that all life on earth evolved from a single cell.

The learned ones also tell us that we are the apex of evolution, having evolved through the apes into the spiritually conscious beings we are today. Today the race is on to find our earliest ancestor, a race characterized by claims and counter claims, new discoveries and rewritten theories.

Evolution and Creation from Africa

My question is where did the 'theory' of creation stem from and when did it become part of human-kinds idea of our beginnings. We are told that it is a myth created by religious organizations to control the minds of the people on earth. But the story of creation began long before any organized religion came into being.

And it is a story told in the earliest writings known to man. Did these ancient scribes make up the story to take control of the minds of the people? It is said that civilization started in the Middle East around ten thousand years ago with cultivation and forms of democracy. The puzzling question which the learned ones seem reluctant to answer is how this sudden civilization happened.

Many questions from Africa: There are still many questions regarding mankind and our beginnings, but it is thought by many that the answers will eventually surface in Africa, the place where it is now believed is the birthplace of mankind's first stirrings.

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