Thoughts from the Wilderness

© Lee Kemp

There are 86 400 seconds in a day, and it is said that most of these pass by unnoticed. It is also said that some moments, be they merely one second or a portion of a second, are so powerful that they stop time for the duration of the moment.

In the wilderness each second is a moment, and such is the power of the natural world these moments are fused together into the magnificent ideal that is wilderness, a place where time is immaterial. It is possible to dissect the wilderness / moments into separate entities and in so doing find a wealth of understanding.

The puff of dust as a hoof touches the late dry season earth, the splash of water from the hooves of animals in the new flood, or the silence between the roars of a male lion ....

Every second, every moment in the wilderness is dramatic, the drama only perceived in the visibility. The moment time is suspended before a predators charge or the prey's flight at sensing the danger.

There is a time in the wilderness when an expected change has occurred, it is time of realignment, of readjustment and adaptation. Change is a constant but there are times of change more visually dramatic than others - the time after the first rains when the plains adapt to the ...

On the Chobe floodplains of northern Botswana the first rains signal a migration away from the river - leaving an emptiness and eerie silence. Lone wanderers add to the loneliness of the wide space where not long before echoed to the celebration of water in the harshness.

There is a moment, a split second, where the build up to an impending drama is where time is suspended and the moment lingers as long as the imagination allows. It mostly passes unnoticed in the want / lust for a conclusion.

Leigh Kemp
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