Dramatic Wilderness

The wilderness of Africa is a place of drama, where anything can happen at any moment, and most visitors come to experience the interaction of the larger mammals but there is a very special side to the wilderness that is often missed.

Leopard in the Morning

The impala was snorting and staring intently at a patch of grass on the edge of the tree line. I searched the place through my binoculars but could not see anything. 'What do you think it is?'

'Not too sure as yet but it could be a leopard.'

We waited, the wilderness holding us captive, but the impala began to relax and the excitement of the specific moment slowly melted. The moment passed.

©Roger de la Harpe

Wilderness Afternoon

'It is hot, the light is sharp, shimmering the Mopane leaves in glistening colours of green. A scarlet dragonfly perches two meters away, brilliant in its sun-enhanced colour. Perfection!

Later: I must have fallen asleep for something has happened - the dragonfly has gone. No, that's not it. It's the light. The heat has gone from the air, and with it, the heat waves, the light now softer in yellow-green touches of late afternoon, and a gentle breeze brush past in a comforting cool of early winter. I missed the change, I was asleep.'

Of an afternoon in the wilderness, there will be a change, subtle but dramatic. The light will lose its harshness and the heat will linger but soften into a comfort zone.
Leigh Kemp

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