Affordable Safari Travel Opportunities in Botswana

© Something you dont get at a game lodge... a clear starry sky to sleep beneath
Are you an adventurous and budget conscious traveller? Then a adventure overland tour to Botswana is the right choice for you. Botswana camping tours allow you to have a truly African experience where accommodated tours offer you a touch more comfort but still the same experience.

What is a Botswana Overland Adventure Tour?

An inclusive experience and journey with fellow travellers of all ages and nationalities along a classic Africa route. You travel on a 24x seater overland truck, help out around camp, sleep in a tent or bed…. all under the guidance of an experienced team. Along the way you will have opportunities to have a variety of experiences like seeing African wildlife up and close, have social and cultural interactions as well as adrenaline based experiences.

Are you suited to go on an overland tour?

Almost anybody can go on a overland tour these days. If you are budget concious, between 8 - 80 years old, looking for an adventure in Botswana and are willing to pitch in when needed, a scheduled Botswana Adventure Overland Tour is your best choice. A maximum of 20 guests per truck with a large range of nationalities.

Accommodation Options

Camping or Accommodated Tour?

The accommodated Botswana tours fills the gap between a camping experience and an expensive lodge-tour. Both camping and accommodated guests travel together. Other than where you lay your head at night, everything else about the tour is the same. Meals are normally prepared at the truck and you share the same guides. So the main decision to make is…. bed or a tent ?

Camping is the most affordable Botswana tour option but you are expected to set up your own tent and provide your own pillow, sleeping bag and towel. You are provided with heavy duty canvas dome tent which has a standing height (unless you’re over 6 foot) and approximately 2.5 x 2.5m across the base. Tents are easy to put up and have flexible self-supporting poles and a flysheet is provided for rainy weather. The tent also has a built-in mosquito net which should be kept closed at all times. Most of the camp sites visited have good toilet and shower facilities, but hot water can sometimes be a luxury.

Botswana Accommodated Tours

On accommodated tours, prices are kept low so do not expect luxury accommodation. Accommodation on offer is always clean and comfortable - think along the lines of 2 - 3 star twin/double room accommodation - often with en-suite bathroom.In some remote areas “accommodation” may also be a permanet safari tent. If you are a single traveller you are not guaranteed to have a room to yourself and might have to share with a fellow traveller.

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Are you an adventurous and budget conscious traveller? Then a adventure overland tour to Botswana is the right choice for you. Botswana camp...more

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