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Safari holidays guide to Moremi - Simply put, the Moremi Game Reserve is an officially proclaimed part of the Okavango Delta. The Okavango is a physical feature, a delta that lies in the Kalahari Desert, and Moremi Game Reserve is a designated section of the Okavango Delta.

Free Roaming Wildlife

There are no fences dividing the northern parks and safari regions of Botswana so the animals are free to move between the areas.

Moremi Game Reserve borders Chobe National Park in one section but the boundaries are shown by cutlines [roads] instead of fences.

Thirty six species of larger mammals include carnivores, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, hippo and various antelope (notably, lechwe and sitatunga). Over 80 species of fish and 400 different birds - raptors, waterbirds, bush and tree dwellers and breeding colonies of Goliath heron.

Take a Moremi Safari Tour

Moremi is an exceptional fly-in destination for safari holidays. Also, it is that part of the Okavango Delta that is accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle, making it ideal for self-drive safaris, for those who prefer the raw adventure element of a safari.

Okavango & Moremi Fly-in Safari
Savuti & Moremi Fly-in Safari

The Okavango Delta becomes flooded from summer rains in Angola, which form a mosaic of channels, lagoons and lakes. Waterways, grasslands and woodlands support a great diversity of fauna and flora.

Thirty two tree species include mopane, mangosteen, rain and sausage trees, varieties of acacia and fig. Over 1000 types of plant - more than any other similarly sized park in Africa. Reed beds and large stands of Phoenix palms are particularly characteristic.

Game viewing and bird watching by Mokoro (dugout canoe) or boat is unbeatable. and compliments game drives and flights over the Delta. Wilderness trails and viewing from hides are possible at certain camps.

Free Roaming Self-drive 4x4 Safari Holidays

Take a self-drive safari holidays through Moremi, and put your 4x4 through its paces.

There are three public campsites in the park. These campsites are not fenced and things can get wild at times as all species of animals walk through. It is essential that self- drive campers are self-sufficient, as there are no shops to buy goods in the park.

It is always difficult to do comparisons of grandeur in Africa as all places are different.
It has been said by many safari holiday visitors that Moremi is incredibly beautiful scenically, with its combination of open plains, lush riverine forest and papyrus waterways... very pleasing to the eye.

Camp Moremi

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Safari in Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve accommodation is offered in luxury safari lodges in Botswana. Activities in Moremi Reserve include game drives, bush wal...more
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