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Buffalo [Bison bison]

Best places to see Buffalo in Botswana

Buffalos in Botswana are associated with the northern waterways and floodplains. Water is essential for their survival and are found on the floodplains of Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta in Botswana.


Buffalo are still found in huge herds in Botswana and up to 1000 can be seen together on the Chobe River floodplains during the dry season. At the onset of the rains these Chobe herds disperse into the interior of Botswana's vast wilderness, only returning when the natural pans start drying up.

The nutritious grasses of the plains of Duba attract huge herds of Buffalo that generally remain in the area throughout the year. At the same time there are three prides of Lions that prey solely on these Buffalo. The interaction between these two iconic species has been recorded in the National Geographic documentary 'Relentless Enemies'.

Old males that are not part of the herd anymore move into bachelor herds and they tend to stay in the same area throughout the seasons. These old bulls are commonly called 'dagga boys'. Many of the lodges in Botswana will have a group of dagga boys that 'hang around' the camp area.

Buffalo in Botswana are preyed upon regularly by Lions and these kills may take from five minutes to some hours depending on the tenacity of the Buffalo and the hunting skills of the Lions.

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