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Suricate or Meerkat [Suricatta suricatta]

Best places to see Suricates in Botswana

Suricates are found in the arid areas of Botswana scenically in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Makgadikgadi Pans.


Suricates are a highly sociable species living in troops of up to fifty individuals. They live in burrows which they excavate themselves.

Suricates feed on insects and other invertebrates which they hunt on busy excursions around their territories. There will always be individuals on watch for predators such as jackal and birds of prey, whilst the troop is feeding or on the move.

Another danger for suricates is snakes, but if seen in time the individuals of the troop will mob the snake into moving off. They are of the most lovable creatures in African and have been cartooned as such in movies and stories.

Botswana is easily the best place to see suricates and there is lodge with resident researchers doing work on the suricates. This allows some of the most dramatic interaction with this special creature.

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