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Lechwe [Kobus leche]

Best places to see Lechwe in Botswana

The lechwe need dry land on which to rest, but are otherwise adapted for life in the seasonal floodplains of Botswana. Most commonly seen in the Okavango Delta.


Lechwe are reliant on water. In the south western floodplains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana they will move off as the plains dry up - returning again with the new flood.

Personal observations have shown how males move along with the new flood until they find a suitable place to establish a territory - and this they protect (viciously). The territory may be in the same area as the year before. Personal observations show how one male established a territory in the same place near Nxabega for three years running.

Territories will be defended for the duration of the mating season. Females and young males are allowed to pass freely through male territories but other males are actively kept away. Male that do not have territories will form bachelor groups.

Lechwe have elongated hoofs to adapt to the mud of their habitat and the hind quarters are larger and more developed than the front to assist when running through the water.

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