Common Eland
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Common Eland [Tragelaphus / Taurotragu oryx]

Best places to see Eland in Botswana

Mostly found in the arid grasslands and savannah woodlands of Botswana. Most common in Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Nxai Pan National Park.


The world's largest antelope was once widespread across Africa but is now only found in protected areas. Eland herds vary in size although they are known to concentrate in numbers around food sources. There is a hierarchical system with males but unlike other antelope do not defend territories. Common elands are spiral-horned antelopes and have mainly a herbivore diet.

Eland were found in wide range of habitats, from semi desert to Montane regions - and have even been recorded 5000 m up on Mount Kilimanjaro. Eland are predominantly browsers but personal observations have seen them digging for roots and bulbs - and they will also eat fruit when necessary.

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