Banded Mongoose
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Banded Mongoose [Mungos mungo]

Best places to see Banded Mongoose in Botswana

Banded mongooses are widespread thoughout Botswana especially in Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve and Linyanti region.


Banded Mongooses are sociable creatures and are found in troops of up to fifty individuals. The sizes of the territories or home ranges depend greatly on the availability of food and the conditions of the area. The food of banded mongoose includes a diversity of creatures such as insects, small reptiles such as lizards, amphibians and birds and their eggs.

They also take small rodents and scavenge at times. Banded Mongoose are preyed on by predators such as cheetah, jackal, leopards and lions. Personal observations on more than one occasion include watching lions catching banded mongoose and using the carcass as a play toy.

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