Honey Badger
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Honey Badger or Ratel [Mellivora capensis]

Best places to see Honey Badger in Botswana

Widespread distribution throughout Botswana but not often seen in many places. Best chances of seeing the elusive Botswana honey badger is in Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve.


Honey badgers are renowned for their ferociousness, attacking lions and buffalo if feeling threatened. The legend goes that the badger will go for the testicles of the animal that it is up against.

They do get stung by bees when they are raiding a hive but it is unknown what affect this has on the badger. Deaths by bee-sting have apparently been recorded. Badgers hunt snakes and in an amazing sequence that was filmed a puffadder bit the badger that was attacking it. The badger killed the snake but while it was feeding the poison took affect and the badger passed out seemingly dead. After an hour the badger recovered and immediately went back to eating the snake.

Badgers have been observed using tools when hunting. They will move logs into position to reach a food source if the initial attempts at reaching the source were unsuccessful.

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