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Baboon [Papio]

Best places to see Baboon in Botswana

Common in the wilderness areas except for the arid central regions of Botswana. Most common sightings are in Chobe National Park and Linyanti.


Watching Baboons has to be one of the most enjoyable parts of an African safari. It is uncertain whether Baboon behaviour is interesting for the fact that they are so close to us on the family tree or whether they are just entertaining to watch is a source of much debate.

There is a great deal of similarity between us and Baboons when it comes to behaviour. They are known to slow down at the end of the day and take in the evening. Personal observations on the Chobe River show Baboons sitting down as the sun sets and 'contemplating'.

A troop of Baboons that where observed in the Okavango Delta over a period of two years showed up some interesting behaviour. When the delta was flooded the troop was forced to cross a fairly deep channel to get from their roosting ground to the feeding grounds.

Watching individuals cross the water was intriguing. Some would walk across on their hind legs, others would rush through the channel screaming whilst others walk calmly across on all fours, only standing up when the water became very deep.


Baboons feed mostly on vegetative sources but also regularly take insects, arachnids, birds and small mammals. They are opportunistic feeders and will grow accustomed to human settlements such as lodges and campsites.

Many campsites throughout Botswana, and the rest of Africa, form part a Baboon troops feeding grounds and the animals often become pests and are difficult to control once they grow accustomed to human offerings.

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