Botswana from the Air
Adding Another Dimension to Your Safari

Game viewing is the reason most people visit Africa, but in a country such as Botswana the landscapes can be just as intriguing, especially when viewed from the air.

Even Your Journey between Lodges is an Adventure

In a land where the laws of nature seem to be a little out of sync with other parts of Africa the contrasts over the seasons are dramatically displayed from above, and as most safaris involve flying between camps this is what is why these trips are called "Fly-In Safari". They also provide ample opportunity to marvel at the patterns of nature.

Many people take the view that a flight over the wilderness is merely a way of getting from one place to another, and do not bother with the landscape below save for the odd glance - but a flight over the wilderness areas of Botswana is an activity in itself. In fact most charter companies in Botswana offer scenic flights as a popular option, and in particular over the Okavango Delta.There is a chance of seeing game from the air but the experience is more about marvelling at the vast wilderness of Botswana and reading the stories of the past and of the present seasons. Depending on the time of year there may be a herd of elephants heading to the water many miles away during the dry season or feeding on the lush green of the rainy season.

Patterns of Time

The waterways of northern Botswana are in peak flood during the dry season, a time when the earth is bare and brown, and this provides a dramatic contrast when seen from above, with the lush greens of the floodplains clashing with the barren browns of the mainland areas.The history of the waterways can also be read from the air, with the patterns of ancient floodplains dominating the landscapes in some places. The importance of termites to the ecology is also very obvious with the sight of small islands and termite spires dominating the landscape below.

Patterns of the Okavango

Although all flights over Botswana wilderness areas provide for fascinating viewing it is the flights over the Okavango Delta that provide some of the highlights of a Botswana safari, and at any time of the year. The water levels on the floodplains rise and fall with the seasons providing dramatic patterns all year round.The Okavango Delta is a vast wilderness area with a number of ecosystems such as permanent channels, seasonal floodplains and riverine forest dominated islands, and these all provide for a visual extravaganza when viewed from the air.

Luggage Limitations on Light Aircraft

A 20kg luggage restriction applies to the combined weight for all your luggage which includes hand luggage and camera equipment.
Bags must be of a soft type, to allow for stowage.

Large suitcases, or rigid luggage cannot be transported in the hold.

Should you need to carry more than the restricted limit, let us know at the time of booking so that the necessary arrangements can be made for extra transport or storage, and cost thereof.

Winging it across the Delta. Departing from Savute Safari Lodge
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