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A Botswana Mobile Safari in the Central Kalahari opens up a world of variety in a harsh environment and showcases animal species not seen anywhere else in Botswana.

'A Brown Hyena walked out the bushes and headed straight towards us, before veering off towards the dune, stopping occasionally to sniff the air. The animal went about its business without paying us much attention, providing a highlight for the guests'.

A mobile safari in the Central Kalahari provides an opportunity to experience a land without water and to learn of the adaptations of the wide variety of animals that live in the area, including how each species survives without drinking water.

Best Time to Visit the Kalahari on a Mobile Safari

Many will tell you that the best time to visit the Kalahari is in the wet summer months when the birdlife is prolific and the grass is green, but to gain an understanding of the true nature of the Kalahari the dry winter months are the best.

Winter mornings in the Kalahari can verge on freezing, but blankets are provided to keep the body from getting cold - and as the sun gets higher in the sky the day warms up, reaching up to thirty degrees after midday.

Highlights of a Central Kalahari Mobile Safari

  • Wide open spaces
  • Camping under the brightest stars in Africa
  • Unique arid desert adapted animals
  • Chance to find legendary Kalahari Lion
  • May be an opportunity for interaction with the Bushmen

Animals to be Seen on a Central Kalahari Mobile Safari

Predators such as Lions, Leopard, Cheetah and Jackal and herbivores like the desert-adapted Giraffe, Oryx or Gemsbok and Springbok. The Central Kalahari is also probably the best opportunity to see the unique Brown Hyena.

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