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© The frontier town of Maun
A Botswana mobile safari is not complete without a stopover in the safari capital of the country, Maun, a place where almost all necessities for a mobile safari can be acquired.

'Maun has changed a great deal over the past few years. From been a quietly riotous safari town, which was the last stopover for supplies before heading into the remote northern wilderness areas of Botswana, the town is now a relatively civilised place where most things can be bought'.

No mobile safari in Botswana excludes a stopover in this once wild place. A far cry from its frontier town days Maun nonetheless still exudes a back-water charm that is difficult to explain. It could be the plethora of khaki-clad safari types or even the cattle, goats and dogs that roam the streets, but there is certainly a charm about the town.

Africa's Busiest Airport

Imagine if you will, a bit of dust bowl, with one of the busiest airports in Africa as far as aircraft movements are concerned. There are so many light aircraft coming and going - with safari travellers. Either on their way to, or on their way from, their Most Amazing African Adventure.

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Highlights of Maun

  • Being able to acquire most necessities for a mobile safari
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables brought in daily from South Africa
  • Getting the African town feel
  • The sounds of African music
  • You have never seen so many donkeys in one place

By Leigh Kemp


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