Okavango Panhandle
Botswana Mobile Safari

A Botswana Mobile safari in the Okavango Panhandle will certainly provide an experience unlike any other African Safari, with scenery, incredible birding, great Tiger fishing and a World Heritage Site to boot.Okavango Panhandle Mobile Safari Journal: 'The sound of the water lapping the side of the boat was lulling me into a peaceful daze as I recalled the highlights of the day. From the first traces of light on the horizon, through a spectacular sunrise and the fascinating meander around Tsodilo Hills, the day had been one of my all-time safari highlights'.

Accommodation Choices

Accommodation on an Okavango Panhandle Mobile Safari can be in tented camps, thatched bungalows or houseboats. By far the most popular of these is a Houseboat that cruises up and down the legendary river.

Fascinating people, Enigmatic Lakes and Sacred Hills

Virtually unknown as a safari travel destination in the past the Okavango Panhandle is quickly becoming a must-see on the Botswana Safari circuit and a mobile safari is the best way to experience this new phenomenon. Driving out from Maun the road to the Panhandle takes in much of the traditional way of life of the Botswana people.

It is not unusual to see cattle walking in the middle of the road, or a laden donkey been led by a youngster. Passing villages allows for an insight into rural life and you may even stop for a short while at the enigmatic Lake Ngami.

Botswana's only World Heritage Site, the Tsodilo Hills are also part of a Panhandle Mobile Safari. A walk around the Hills allows for a unique insight into the spiritual life of the Bushmen People, and is an experience that inspires and awes.

Best time to visit the Okavango Panhandle on a mobile safari

The Okavango Panhandle is a place that can be visited year round, however for the best fishing and birding the summer months, October to April, are the best as this is when migrant bird species have moved in and the fish are feeding with the warmer water.

Highlights of an Okavango Panhandle Mobile Safari

  • Some of the best birding in Botswana
  • Unique opportunity to cruise the Okavango River on a Houseboat
  • Experience the Tsodilo Hills, one the most mystical places on earth
  • Seeing a part of the rural way of life in Botswana
  • Living each moment to the rhythms of the river

Animals to be seen on a Okavango Mobile Safari

As the Panhandle is surrounded by villages the wildlife that wanders freely across Northern Botswana generally tends to avoid the area, however it is not unusual to see elephants and other large herbivores on occasion. The Panhandle is however the haunt of the Hippos and Crocodiles - and the water adapted Sitatunga antelope.

By Leigh Kemp

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