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A Botswana Savute Mobile Safari showcases some of the most dramatic wilderness areas in Africa, a place that echoes a time before the hand of man.

Savute Mobile Safari Journal

The nights in Savute are a time of contrast, from the cacophony of lions and hyenas to absolute silence. It is one of the most enticing wilderness areas in Africa.

Savute is a place that does not adhere to our defined structures of wilderness for here is a place where lions once killed elephants, and where the rhythms of nature are not controlled by the seasons but rather forces that reshape the area at irregular intervals.

Savute is in a wet period now and a mobile safari is the ultimate way to appreciate this fascinating phenomenon, allowing you to not only experience the immediate area of The Savute Marsh and the Savuti Channel but also the greater whole that is the Mababe Depression.

Best time to visit Savute on a mobile safari

Savute today is a very different place to the Savute of a few years back, with water now covering most of the once-dry marsh. This new wilderness attracts animals in greater numbers than before but still keeping the intrigue of the past and the best time to visit Savute on a mobile safari is all year round.

Highlights of a Savute Mobile Safari

  • Constantly changing landscapes
  • Fascinating predator interaction
  • Wildlife gathering on the Savute Marsh
  • Elephant-killing Lions

Animals to be seen on a Savute Mobile Safari

Famous for its predator populations and elephant-killing Lions, although this activity seems to have slowed with the arrival of the water, Savute now boasts huge herds of Buffalo and Elephant and most other species that occur in Botswana.

By Leigh Kemp

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