Roughing it in Botswana
The Ultimate Reality Show

A Botswana Mobile Safari is the ultimate way to experience the pristine wilderness and vast array of wildlife for which Botswana is renowned, allowing for an intimate and personal wilderness getaway.Award winning safari lodges and camps have brought Botswana to the forefront of the safari world as never before, and combined with its exceptional wildlife and game reserves there is no doubt that the high praise Botswana receives is well placed.

The Other Side of the Modern Safari

But there is another side to Botswana that attracts safari traditionalists, the mobile safari. Luxury lodges are a relatively new concept in African safari travel, and though easily the most popular way to experience the continent today, the old-style African safari is still available.

A mobile Botswana safari involves a small group and a guide driving from camp to camp, enjoying the wilderness en route - something that guests who fly between accommodations can never hope to experience.

The mobile safari usually involves pre-erected tents in private camp sites but a mobile safari can also be an accommodated experience where guests drive from lodge to lodge, with the same professional guide through the whole trip.

African Safaris of Yesteryear

The African Safari of the past was an extended affair, when the pace of life was a great deal slower and there was more time to travel. The extended safari also involved big game hunting, as depicted in Hollywood blockbusters of the 1950's and 1960's. The Great White Hunter was considered the man's man, and the African Safari was portrayed as wildly romantic.

Today the hunting safari has become a niche market and the photographic lodge safari has taken over as the big attraction for visitors to Africa. But the soul of the safaris of old lives on in the mobile safari, and Botswana is without doubt where the ultimate mobile safari can be experienced.

Into the Wilderness

Mobile Safari operators in Botswana have the benefit of utilising private campsites located in some of the most dramatic wilderness areas, adding to the feeling of a safari from yesterday.

The guides are experienced in the ways of the wilderness and will ensure that a Botswana Mobile Safari stands out from the rest.

By Leigh Kemp


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