Into the Kalahari
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A Botswana Mobile Safari into the Kalahari showcases a diversity of Botswana life, from sleepy villages to roaming cattle and unique wildlife.

'I love the drive from Maun into the Kalahari as the route traverses some of the fascinating aspects that make up the country that is Botswana, and the hardiness of the people that live in this arid region'.

Along with diamonds cattle and wildlife are the biggest income earners for the Botswana economy and driving into the Kalahari is a unique vista of Botswana and its workings. Passing through villages and veterinary control checkpoints the route finally ends in one of Africa's most incredible wilderness areas.

Best time to head into the Kalahari on a mobile safari

All year round provides a unique experience in the Kalahari, with vastly differing landscapes through the seasons.

Highlights of a Mobile Safari into the Kalahari

  • Endless vistas
  • A unique look into Botswana life
  • Learning about desert adapted animals
  • Hearing the call of the Black-backed Jackal - the Cry of the Kalahari

Animals to be seen on a Kalahari Mobile Safari

All major predators of Botswana can be seen as well desert adapted herbivores such as Oryx and Springbok. The cattle that are so prized by the Botswana people are also plentiful on route into the Kalahari.

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