Food on a Mobile Safari

Food plays a very important part on African Safari and guests expect the best, even on a mobile safari.

As guides we always try and provide them with the freshest and tastiest food. But there are times that the heat in Africa takes its toll - and other times when hyenas take their share.

A menu on safari is planned according to how long different foodstuffs last with chicken on the menu at the beginning of the trip and mince being the last to be served. This is more to do with pre-empting mishaps than anything else.

Today mobile safaris have fridges to keep food from going off but in my early guiding days cool boxes were the only means of protecting the food - huge blocks of ice would be added to the cool boxes in the hope that they would last the days until the next supply point. Guests were told not to open the cool boxes.

Going Green? With the Food?

There were times in those days that I gave a great deal of thought before cooking a particular dish. Bicarbonate of Soda was very helpful in solving certain green issues with food that had been off the ice for a little too long time.

There have been a number of times when I have had to ensure no guests were in the vicinity when opening a bloated packet of mince meat, as the sound of escaping air could have had caused some concern to those who experienced it.

Thanks to Mobile Refrigerators

These days, mobile safari vehicles generally have refrigerators that run off the vehicles own generator, ensuring that food quality is maintained for the duration of the journey.

By Leigh Kemp

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