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A Botswana Mobile Safari in the Okavango Delta is a once in a lifetime opportunity to appreciate this world-renowned wetland in its entirety and not merely from luxury lodges.

Okavango Mobile Safari Journal: July

The vehicle shuddered as its bonnet was swamped by the ever-deepening water. A week ago the crossing was dry but with the arrival of the floodwaters the roads were becoming tricky'.

A mobile Botswana safari in the Okavango Delta allows for a unique experience, unrivalled anywhere, to explore one of the wonders of the natural world from ground level. Driving in a four wheel drive vehicle ensures that guests will be able to experience the scents of the Okavango as well as the diversity of the habitats that make up the Delta.

Best time to visit the Okavango on a mobile safari

In a strange twist of nature the high water season in the Okavango Delta is at the peak of the dry season, often six months after the last rains have fallen. This is due to the fact that most of the water that enters the Delta comes from the highlands of Angola more than 1700 km away.

For the highest water levels the late winter months are the best time to visit the Okavango on a mobile safari but in actual fact all year round is considered a great time to visit.

Highlights of an Okavango Mobile Safari

  • Spectacular wilderness area
  • Camping in some of the most beautiful campsites
  • Listening the Delta night chorus
  • Learning how the animals have adapted to water
  • Makoros [dugout canoes] used in activities on the water

Animals to be seen on a Okavango Mobile Safari

All the animals that can be seen on a northern Botswana safari can be seen on an Okavango Mobile Safari, including predators, buffalo and elephants as well as the largest concentrations of the endangered African Wild Dog. Water adapted species such as Lechwe and Sitatunga can be commonly seen in the Delta.

By Leigh Kemp

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