Moremi Safari Game Drives

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Moremi Game Reserve is a place of great diversity and numbers of animals, and was the first park in Africa to be set aside for conservation by the local people of a particular area and game driving in Moremi portrays one of Africa's jewels.'It is said by many that Moremi is the most beautiful park in Africa and viewing the scene before me it would be difficult to disagree. A lioness is perched on a termite mound in the shade of a rain tree watching a herd of lechwe grazing on the flooded plain. Hippos loll on a sandbank and a herd of elephant is drinking on the opposite bank ...'.

Highlights of a Moremi Game Drive

  • Incredible natural beauty - often referred as the most beautiful Africa
  • High density of animals
  • Predators abound, including one of the largest populations of wild dog
  • An all year round safari destination

Lions on a Kill

We found two lionesses with the five cubs on a buffalo kill right next to the road. It was however getting dark but we did watch them for a while. The cubs were playing on the carcass, pulling the ears and biting the nose and watched the raw power of a lioness as one of the adults pulled the carcass away from the road.

The lions showed two extremes of Africa, the cuteness of young animals at play and the cycle of life and death. The two were entwined when the cubs were playing with the carcass.

Hippo Charge

The boat edged closer to the pod of hippo and the engine was cut. We drifted up against the bank a safe distance away and watched for a while before drinks were passed around. It was the perfect evening in Africa with the sounds of sunset serenading us.....

I was watching one of the hippo as it circled the boat and then went under the water, coming up about twenty meters from us. It then went under the water again and came up a little further away, but it was restless. We decided to move away but as the motor came to life the hippo charged and we beat a hasty retreat - with the hippo in pursuit.

The hippo chased the boat for about fifty meters before turning back to the rest of the pod.

By Leigh Kemp

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