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The Central Kalahari, original home of the San people, is a place of rolling grasslands and wooded dunes, attracting a surprising diversity of wildlife during all seasons.

Central Kalahari Game Drive

We drove across Deception Valley with the sun rising over the dunes. Switching off the motor we listened as the Kalahari day came alive. It was inspiring! The scent of the morning mingled with the dry season dust as a light breeze stirred the earth ....

  • Example of an arid ecosystem
  • Diversity of wildlife in semi desert
  • Bushman interaction
  • Wet season paradise

Leopard in the Morning

Just over the dune we saw a leopard lying in the road and as we approached he got up and starting scent marking as he walked. We followed at a distance. He would walk a while then lie down in the road. This continued for about 1 ½ hours until something off the road caught his eye. He turned and ran towards the car. When he was about 10m away he jumped into the grass and continued running past in leaping strides. We could not see what he was chasing and soon lost sight of him in the bushes.

The San of the Kalahari

1997: The village is fairly spread out with clusters of grass huts dotted around. Goats and donkeys were everywhere with some of the donkeys been ridden for seemingly no reason at all. The people themselves were dressed in "European" clothes.
'It is going to be interesting to see what effect tourism is going to have on the people of these villages. At the moment very few tourists come through, but it is been advertised more and more. It is however pretty remote so mass tourism should not be a problem'.
Present: The story of the San of the Kalahari has become a major issue today with the Botswana Government having to explain the removal of the San from the Reserve.

Kalahari Nights

Outside the village we saw many springbok, oryx, hartebeest and some jackal. We pulled off the road into some trees, and set up a rough camp. We cooked up some sadza and chicken stew which was very tasty except for the stink-bugs which seem to be everywhere.
The first jackal called around sunset and was soon followed by others. The sound carried into the soul. The magic of the Kalahari was overwhelming.
Leigh Kemp

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