Discover Tranquility on a Mokoro Safari in the Okavango

You can only do a mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, where the floodplains have created a beautiful labyrinth of waterways, lagoons and islands.

Game viewing during a mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta is unsurpassed when it comes to memorable experiences. You'll be able to capture images of Okavango wildlife from the biggest to the smallest, in lush scenery that is a visual delight.

What is a Mokoro?

A mokoro is essentially a dug-out canoe. In the old days this was made by cutting down a tree, hollowing it out, and shaping it into a boat. Downside: it had a 3 year life-span by which time it would be well on it's way to rotting.
Today, these craft are manufactured from molded fibre-glass. They last for ever - and the Good News Is... that with out all the tree cutting, there is far less environmental impact.

A makoro a slim craft that is ideal for travelling through the reedy and winding waterways. The design of the craft allows it to part the lily pads and reeds as it glides across the water. While the passengers slip into a daydream-like state, entranced by the rocking sensation and the magic of the Okavango, the guide stands at the rear of the craft, propelling the mokoro with a long wooden pole through the water.
Once upon a time makoros were the only form of transport in the Delta. Used for fishing, reed harvesting, transporting people and goods as well as small livestock - it was pretty much the cart of the Delta until the arrival of motorboats, skiffs, pontoon boats, power launches and power boats that can be seen in the areas where local habitation is greatest.

The Experience

Indeed, you will discover tranquillity on a mokoro safari but that's not all. You'll find out that the silence of this wilderness area actually hums with many sounds, from the chorus of insects and frogs to bird calls and the breeze rustling through the reeds. Somehow, every one of your senses becomes wonderfully alive. The tiniest creatures can be seen in colourful clarity and you can get really close to animals drinking at the water's edge.papyrus swamps.

An Okavango mokoro safari can take place in a variety of destinations in the Delta. Some camps are located on secluded islands and others overlook lagoons with access to the grassy plains. You can have a simple, down to earth experience or stay in luxury with a plunge pool and every amenity at hand. Camps in private concessions enjoy exclusive game viewing. Activities include mokoro excursions with a poler / guide, motor-boating, island walks, fishing and guided game drives (even night drives) when water levels allow. The Okavango is filled with African wildlife and it's a bird watchers paradise.

You could spot an exotic looking frog clinging to the reeds, Elephant at the water's edge and Lion on the savannah. You may even get a look at the rarely-sighted Sitatunga, a type of antelope, delicately picking its way across the knee and thigh-deep parts of this magical wetland.

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