A Mobile Safari Journal

A Botswana Mobile Safari showcases some of the most dramatic wildlife and wilderness areas on earth, from life-giving deserts to lush freshwater deltas, and a means of travel that allows for the best experience.

Travelling Across Botswana

So what is the best country in Africa to visit on a Mobile safari? Botswana! Because of its pristine wilderness areas, incredible wildlife and landscapes - and because a mobile safari in Botswana ensures that you smell the air and feel the earth between your toes whilst camping where animals roam'

Most people who come to Botswana are captivated by the experience of pure wilderness and dramatic wildlife and a mobile safari is certainly the best way to experience this as it allows for the unique opportunity of been able to camp in wild and specially selected camp sites.

Best time to visit Botswana on a Mobile Safari

Botswana was once considered a dry season destination because of the concentrations of wildlife around the water sources at this time but in recent years the value of Botswana as a year round destination has increased and the country is now well known as destination for all seasons - and mobile safaris are the ultimate way to appreciate the various seasons in the wilderness areas.

Botswana Mobile Safari Highlights

  • Diverse landscapes - from deserts to deltas
  • Profusion of wildlife
  • Pristine wilderness areas
  • Incredible predator interaction
  • Camp sites are situated in wild areas

Botswana Mobile Camping Packages

Mobile Camping Packages offer a range of options that vary in duration and style.

Animals to be seen on a Botswana Mobile Safari

The value of a safari in Botswana lies in the contrasting landscapes, with deserts enveloping deltas and life giving rivers flowing through arid areas. These contrasts allow for a combination of desert adapted species, aquatic species and other African wildlife species to thrive. A Botswana mobile safari traverses most of the areas and allows for the best chance to see as many of these species as possible.

All Africa's major predators are represented in Botswana, as are the Big 5 and the endangered African Wild Dog and Cheetah. Giraffe, Hippo and many other herbivores are plentiful.

By Leigh Kemp

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