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Lion Kill

Origins of the Names of Places in Botswana

search Information: Setswana names are difficult enough for outsiders to pronounce but when the origin is from the San dialects then the task become impossible
Matabele ant. Lee Kemp

Matabele Ants | Botswana Wildlife Guide

search Information: The Matabele ants are aptly named after an African tribe that destroyed everything in their path as they swept through south and central Africa in the
View to a Kill. Mombo wild dogs

Enhance Your Game Viewing Experience

search Information: Many people do not know the secrets to seeing amazing animals while on safari. In a sense there is a safari etiquette that you need to remember, and
Safari at Kings Pool Camp

Linyanti Safari Game Drive

search Information: The Linayanti region was once the haunt of professional hunters but in recent years the area has been taken over for photographic safaris and has quickly
Flock of birds in the sunset over the Linyanti River

Savuti and Linyanti. The Rivers of Life | Botswana Travel Guide

search Information: Botswana is a place of strange rivers, referred to by some as miracle rivers, and none are more unique than the ever-changing Linyanti and Savuti river
Dusty elephants, half wet in a dusty landscape. Ian Michler

Chobe River where the Elephant and Buffalo Roam | Botswana Travel Guide

search Information: The Chobe River is legendary for its concentrations of wildlife, especially elephants... and in particular during the dry season, with animals gathering
Buck race across Linyanti

Okavango Day in Verse

search Information: Sunrise in African is a time when the denizens of the wilderness take stock and visitors to Africa head out in search of the Big Game that makes an
Buffalo. Tubu Tree Camp

Gathering of the Herds | Botswana Wildlife Guide

search Information: Botswana is renowned for having the greatest concentration of Elephants in Africa, but what is not mentioned is that other animals also occur in large
Hot October sky. Lee Kemp

October is the Hottest Month in Botswana

search Information: The dry season in Botswana begins to tighten its grip a few months after the last rains have fallen in March or April and by the time October arrives
Buffalo see of a lioness

Animal Survival Techniques to Avoiding Danger | Botswana Wildlife Guide

search Information: The African wilderness is a dangerous place for those with limited survival skills, and as such the animals that live there have all developed their own
Mobile Camping in Botswana. Sometimes wild. Sometimes placid. Never dull.

Guided Mobile Camping Safari Holidays

search Information: Explore the beauty of the Botswana wilderness on Mobile Camping Safari Holidays. Discover the vastness of the desert from the air, and the many animals
Zebra in Moremi Game Reserve.

Victoria Falls & Botswana Mobile Camping Safari Tour

search Information: This 17 Day Mobile Camping Safari Package traverses the parks and reserves on a mobile safari, staying at campsites in the wildest parts and experiencing
Buffalo herd crossing Vumbura Plains. Dana Allen

Movement of Animals Botswana Wildlife Guide

search Information: This Botswana Wildlife Guide gives ideas about why animals are moving. It explains zebra migrations, nomadism and the role of competition
Pels Fishing Owl in Botswana.

Pels Fishing Owls

search Information: The Pel's Fishing Owl is the second largest owl in Africa. It feeds almost exclusively on fish and lives in dense forests near rivers. They are shy and
Elephant in the Traffic. Eco-Tours

Animal Behaviour | Human Impact

search Information: Animal Behaviour changes over time to adapt to changing climatic and situational changes and today the human impact is felt mostly when it comes to
Vultures. Lee Kemp

Botswana Notes

search Information: Botswana is a country of stark, yet enticing, contrasts that add to the attractions of the pristine wilderness and incredible wildlife
Game drive in Chobe

Retreat to Romance | Premier Okavango and Chobe Safari Tour

search Information: This 5 day Premier Romantic Retreat Chobe and Okavango tour highlights top wildlife destinations of Chobe and Moremi in Botswana, taking the best of each
Elephants by the River in the Chobe National Park.

Chobe Savute & Moremi Botswana 4x4 Self-Drive Safari Tour

search Information: This 8 day Northern Parks Self-Drive safari explores the legendary wilderness areas of Northern Botswana, a place of incredible wildlife and pristine
Game viewing from your safari lodge in Botswana.

Botswana Discovery | Deluxe Savute, Moremi & Okavango Safari Tour

search Information: This 7 day Deluxe Botswana Fly-in Wildlife Safari tour combines the unique Savute, Moremi and Okavango regions to provide an awesome African Safari. For
Green pigeon. Michael English

Botswana Travel Article | A Birders Guide to Botswana

search Information: Birders can be categorized in as many sections as you can think of. For simplicity I have condensed them into three categories based on .
Spotting a pride of lions during a game drive in Moremi Game Reserve.

Ultimate Luxury Botswana Wildlife Safari | Okavango Delta & Linyanti Wildlife Reserve

search Information: The Best of Wilderness Safari tour of the Okavango Delta and Linyanti is a 7 day fly-in experience for exceptional African game viewing in any season
Mud construction using soft drink cans. Ian Michler

History of Botswana | A History of Peace

search Information: Because of Botswana's central position in southern Africa, people's migration from surrounding areas in order to escape ongoing conflicts and settle
Safari on Duba Plains

Botswana Ideals

search Information: Botswana is a country of contrasts and many highlights, and there are many facets to the country, from desert to delta and from lush floodplains to arid
Bateleur Eagle. Kalahari Plains Camp

Wildlife Conservation | National Parks of Botswana

search Information: Botswana is without doubt one of Africa's great game destinations. More than 17% of this country the size of Texas is devoted to National Parks or Game
Road sign on the way in to Moremi

Botswana Self Drive Adventure

search Information: Organising one's own safari to Botswana in a four-wheel-drive vehicle reawakens a sense of adventure one may have lost in the grind of daily city life
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