Urban and Rural Dwellings
Culture and Traditions of Botswana

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Botswana's smaller towns are made up of traditional mud huts and more modern dwellings built alongside each other on the same property.

By Ian Michler

Travelling in Botswana brings many joys...

One that is always particularly pleasing is the visibility of the country's success. The rewards are on display, often highlighted in both urban and rural settings, as the old and traditional are juxtaposed with the new and modern. Whether it be the accommodation of the House of Chiefs in parliament, the maintaining of the strength of the kgotla (where traditional judicial proceedings are undertaken).

A man brings freshly cut reeds from the Delta to re-wall his village home... in his double cab Toyota pick-up truck

Roaming donkeys are a common sight on the streets of Maun.

For this rural homeowner - with his humble home and state-of-the art toilet - it's obviously a question of priorities.

A common sight in Botswana's smaller towns is a traditional mud hut with a more modern dwelling built alongside as an extension of the property.

Satellite dishes are a sure sign of improving living standards.

How You Can Help a Community in Botswana

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