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The town acts as the Gateway to the Chobe National Park, and with nearby game lodge and resort hotels is crossroad for anyone passing between Zambia, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Botswana...

By Ian Michler

The Kasane-Nata Route

Kasane itself is not a particularly impressive place, but what falls within the immediate vicinity is. The town acts as the 'Gateway to the Chobe National Park', and as a crossroad for anyone heading to the Victoria Falls from Botswana. As a result it far exceeds Maun in the number of tourists passing through town.

Spread out along the banks of the Chobe River, Kasane has a number of hotels, guest houses and campsites that accommodate all the visitors to the national park. The town has a decent gallery, The African Easel Art Gallery, for you to enjoy during those midday hours outside of game-driving time, as well as a few roadside traditional African craft stalls between the town and the Kazangula ferry.

If you are on your way to Livingstone in Zambia by road, you will have to cross the Chobe River on this ferry. If you are going on the ferry, don't be put off by the queues of trucks: just drive straight to the front. (The possibility of building a bridge across the Chobe River at this site has been mooted, but a lack of political will keeps it on the back-burner).

Accommodation near Chobe National Park

Chobe Chilwero - This fabulous lodge has the prime spot in a private concession. It boasts stunning views overlooking the Chobe River, and is definitely not for self-drivers or campers.

Chobe Game Lodge - This lodge is an old favourite, situated on the banks of the river, and the accommodation closest to the park. There is a large hotel, as well as chalets and a campsite, with a neat sunset deck overlooking the water.

Mowana Safari Resort and Spa - Large hotel, with nine-hole golf course, right on the banks of the Chobe River, and with plenty children's facilities for families.

Kubu Lodge - This smaller lodge-type accommodation at the quieter end of the river, also offers camping facilities for the more budget-conscious traveller.

Kazungula Truck Route

Trucks waiting at ferry crossing over the Zambezi River. Kazungula is one of the busiest routes for trucks transporting goods across countries as far apart as Namibia and Kenya, a distance of just over 4000km, or almost 2500 miles. Almost as much as the 2800 miles from New York to Los Angeles.

The route south to Nata, continues here

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