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Chobe is located in the northern region of Botswana, and has the largest wildlife population in all of Africa. This Botswana safari tours destination is one of the first conservancies discovered in the country and is renowned for is large elephant concentration. Access to this wildlife sanctuary is made easy with road or air transfers.

Chobe has 4 distinct ecosystems that act as spectacular wildlife viewing spots and comprises of the Chobe Riverfront, Savuti Marshlands, the Linyati Marshlands, and the dry Hinterland. Each ecosystem attracts and abundance of wildlife including lion, hyena, elephant, kudu, zebra, cheetah, elephant and many more. Chobe is home to over 450 species of birdlife that can be spotted throughout the rainy seasons.

Chobe accommodation is offered at luxury Botswana safari lodges with modern room amenities. Activities in Chobe includes game drives, river cruises, bushwalking safaris and cultural tours. See below for Chobe safari recommendations in Botswana.

Botswana 4x4 Self-Drive Safari - Chobe Savute and Moremi

This 8-day Botswana 4x4 Self-Drive safari tour explores the legendary wilderness areas of Northern Botswana, a place of incredible wildlife and remote...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Chobe Safari Experience

A Botswana Mobile Safari in Chobe gets up close and personal with the greatest Elephant herds in Africa and allows for unique game viewing from the water...more

Botswana Mobile Safaris - Savute

A Botswana Savute Mobile Safari showcases some of the most dramatic wilderness areas in Africa, a place that echoes a time before the hand of man...more

Botswana Self-drive SUV Safari - Makgadikgadi, Caprivi, Chobe & Vic Falls

This Botswana self-drive tour through Makgadikgadi, Caprivi and Chobe offers an opportunity to experience the wonders of Botswana in your own time and at an affordable price...more

Chobe National Park

This Botswana Travel Guide about Chobe explains why there is such a high Elephant population at Chobe River, part of Chobe National Park...more


Botswana Travel Guide explains the difference between the spelling Savuti and Savute, referring to either the channel or the marsh in Botswana...more

Chobe in the Summer

The two most impressive sights in Chobe National Park are the sheer vastness of the landscape and the numerous herds of elephants that live in and wander...more

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is the second largest park in Botswana and can be divided into four main focal points. Chobe River front with floodplains and teak forest...more

Chobe River Safari - Houseboat Adventure Package

This Chobe River Houseboat Safari Package is the perfect start or end to any Botswana holiday. Cruising along the Chobe River at a leisurely pace...more

Chobe to Okavango Delta - Self-Drive Botswana Safari Tour

This 10-day self drive Botswana safari tour from Chobe to Okavango Delta via Victoria Falls, is ideal for guests who want to experience Botswana and Zimbabwe...more

Chobe Water Based Game Viewing

'The dust of the buffalo herd hung in the windless air, almost obliterating the herd of over five hundred animals passing the vehicle. Suddenly amid a...more

Elephant Encounter - Luxury Chobe & Okavango Safari Package

The 5 Day Premier Elephant Encounters package in the Okavango Delta & Chobe brings you up close and personal with the gentle giants of Africa on walks...more

Footsteps Safari - Classic Okavango - Savuti Fly-in Safari Tour

This 5 day classic safari tour takes in 2 very different regions of Botswana, the pristine waterways of the Okavango Delta and the dry interior of Savuti...more

House Boat Adventure on Okavango Pan-Handle

A Chobe River houseboat safari out of Shakawe, aboard the vessel...more


Linyanti is situated north of Savuti in a corner of the Chobe National Park. The Linyanti Swamp is one of the most attractive areas in the park...more

Linyanti Safari Game Drive

The Linayanti region was once the haunt of professional hunters but in recent years the area has been taken over for photographic safaris and has quickly...more

Retreat to Romance - Premier Okavango and Chobe Safari Tour

This 5 day Premier Romantic Retreat Chobe and Okavango tour highlights top wildlife destinations of Chobe and Moremi in Botswana, taking the best of each...more

Savute Safari Game Drives

Savute in the Chobe National Park in Botswana is a place that has undergone great change over the past two years, from a semi arid wet season refuge to a...more


The Savuti (also spelt Savute) area borders the Delta to the west and Chobe National Park to the east and is one of Africa's best known big game areas....more

The Wild Calling. A Journey from Chobe to the Okavango

Jo Kromberg visited Botswana and reviewed Chobe Safari Lodge near Chobe National Park, as well as Oddballs Camp and Delta Camp located in the Okavango...more

Under African Sky - Classic Chobe & Okavango Delta Honeymoon Safari Tour

This 7 day Under African Sky Safari tour is the classic Botswana romantic safari, adding legendary destinations to a tour dedicated to celebration and...more

Untamed Botswana Safari - Chobe & Okavango Delta

Spend an unforgettable week in the wild heart of Botswana. This 7-day Botswana safari is perfect for travellers who want to get in touch with the untamed...more

Why Safari in Botswana

There are as many reasons to travel to Botswana as there are reasons to travel on safari in Africa such is the diversity of landscapes and wildlife in...more
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