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Dung Beetle. Richard Miller

Art of Animal Dung | Botswana Wildlife Guide

information Information: Animal dung, so often overlooked when on safari in Africa, can provide researchers with a great deal of information regarding the feeding habits of
Hornbill. Duma Tau Camp

Botswana Travel Guide | Travel Information

information Information: Botswana has fast become the first choice safari destination for many safari connoisseurs due to its varied eco-systems and wildlife diversity
Dung Beetle. Richard Miller

Understanding Dung | Botswana Wildlife Guide

information Information: I have often been ridiculed for my fascination with 'dung and dust'. In today's mindset, a wilderness experience is considered primarily a big five one
Road sign on the way in to Moremi

Botswana Self Drive Adventure

information Information: Organising one's own safari to Botswana in a four-wheel-drive vehicle reawakens a sense of adventure one may have lost in the grind of daily city life
Elephant visiting a waterhole at Savite Safari Lodge

Creatures of Change | Botswana Wildlife Guide

information Information: Botswana is a wildlife paradise and is home to some very interesting animal behaviour that has evolved through natural forces and through human
Lion Kill

Origins of the Names of Places in Botswana

information Information: Setswana names are difficult enough for outsiders to pronounce but when the origin is from the San dialects then the task become impossible
Experience the Okavango. Ian Michler

Botswana Self-Drive Safari | The Effect of the Seasons

information Information: Botswana is the ultimate self drive safari destination in Africa, with remote areas and spectacular wildlife. Botswana provides the best in adventure and

Botswana Travel Article | Recommended Books on Botswana

information Information: Although relatively quiet on the day to day news front Botswana nonetheless has a wealth of literature of many genres coming from the country, with
Another beautiful Kalahari Sunset. Ian Michler

Kalahari. Your Journey into Vast Desert Mysteries

information Information: The Central Kalahari is a place of legend and was once considered too far out of the way, but with new developments this fascinating region, although
Elephant browsing at Zarafa Camp. Okavango

Human and Animal Association | Botswana Wildife Guide

information Information: Due to human carelessness some species such as Hyena, Baboons and Monkeys begin to associate humans with food and then will become a 'problem'
Sunset over the Okavango. Leigh Kemp

A Time of Heat | Botswana Seasons Guide

information Information: October is the hottest time of the year in Botswana, and many visitors stay away because of this, but it arguably the best time, with the most dramatic
Wildebeest and Hyena. Linyanti. PIP

A Wildlife Guide to Botswana

information Information: This Botswana Wildlife Guide explains why Botswana is considered one of Africa's premier wildlife countries and great choice for African safaris
Self-drive thru Moremi.

Self-Drive Safari Holiday Packages

information Information: Those travellers with an adventurous spirit can delight in driving themselves through the varied terrain of Botswana and see the regions abundant
Crew Siyabona cruise the Okavango by makoro. Franco

Botswana Travel Guide | Different Ways to Explore and Experience

information Information: Botswana offers most land wildlife activities that are available on Africa safari holidays. Game drives, night drives, quad bikes, walking safaris
Botswana Safari and Tour Packages
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