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Eagle Island Lodge

Botswana | Country Information for the Informed Traveller

Botswana Map Travel Information: More than 3-quarters of Botswana is Kalahari Desert, so the huge emerald waterworld full of African animals known as the Okavango Delta, is a wonderful..
Sundownwers in Moremi.DDS

Mobile Guided Camping Safaris in Botswana. The Real African Safari

Botswana Map Travel Information: Despite the changing ideals of the African safari it is still possible to experience a wild back-to-earth safari in Botswana, where camping under the
Beware of elephants. Beware of leaping buck. Dont speed. Dont drive after dark... Franco

Botswana Travel Guide | Advice for the Self-Drive Safari Fanatic

Botswana Map Travel Information: This Botswana self-drive travel article gives some good tips for guests wanting to go on an accommodated safari in Botswana in a 4 x 4 vehicle
Modern Bushman Art. Ian Michler

Botswana Travel Guide to the Indigenous Culture and Customs

Botswana Map Travel Information: What languages are spoken in Botswana? The official language of Botswana is English. What are the people like in Botswana? Many different cultures
Donkeys are the main wildlife of Maun

Maun, Frontier Gateway to The Delta | Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana Map Travel Information: Maun is the capital of the tourism industry of Botswana and the gateway to the legendary northern game parks of the country
Guided  Camping. Letaka

Affordable Safari Travel Opportunities in Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: There was a time when Botswana and budget holiday travel were not compatible bed fellows, but there are in fact some exciting safari package options
Chobe's safari speciality is safari by boat. DDS

Forget Game Drives. In Chobe There is Water and Boats

Botswana Map Travel Information: 'The dust of the buffalo herd hung in the windless air, almost obliterating the herd of over five hundred animals passing the vehicle. Suddenly amid a
Another beautiful Kalahari Sunset. Ian Michler

Kalahari. Your Journey into Vast Desert Mysteries

Botswana Map Travel Information: The Central Kalahari is a place of legend and was once considered too far out of the way, but with new developments this fascinating region, although
Flock of birds in the sunset over the Linyanti River

Savuti and Linyanti. The Rivers of Life | Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana Map Travel Information: Botswana is a place of strange rivers, referred to by some as miracle rivers, and none are more unique than the ever-changing Linyanti and Savuti river
Hornbill. Duma Tau Camp

Botswana Travel Guide | Travel Information

Botswana Map Travel Information: Botswana has fast become the first choice safari destination for many safari connoisseurs due to its varied eco-systems and wildlife diversity
Self-drive thru Moremi.

Self-Drive Safari Holiday Packages

Botswana Map Travel Information: Those travellers with an adventurous spirit can delight in driving themselves through the varied terrain of Botswana and see the regions abundant
Vumbura camp. Lions on the runway

Travel Guide | Getting to Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: Whether you plan to travel to Botswana by air or road, these are a few facts to consider
Spotting lions during a game drive in the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okango Delta.

Botswana Travel Guide to Moremi

Botswana Map Travel Information: Safari holidays guide to Moremi - Simply put, the Moremi Game Reserve is an officially proclaimed part of the Okavango Delta. The Okavango is a physical

Botswana Travel Article | Recommended Books on Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: Although relatively quiet on the day to day news front Botswana nonetheless has a wealth of literature of many genres coming from the country, with
Experience the ultimate honeymoon safaris in Botswana

Botswana Honeymoon Safari Holidays

Botswana Map Travel Information: Enjoy an intimate African honeymoon safari holiday in a secluded lodge deep in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Africa, complete with all
Mobile Camping in Botswana. Sometimes wild. Sometimes placid. Never dull.

Guided Mobile Camping Safari Holidays

Botswana Map Travel Information: Explore the beauty of the Botswana wilderness on Mobile Camping Safari Holidays. Discover the vastness of the desert from the air, and the many animals
Mokoro excursion at Camp Okavango

Botswana Travel Guide to Okavango Delta

Botswana Map Travel Information: Besides being an oasis in the desert the Okavango, visible from space, is also one of Africa's greatest wilderness areas
How to get around Botswana. Wild dogs on runway at Mack Air

How We Get You around Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: The northern parks of Botswana are the main attraction for tourists who visit the country, and these can be accessed via a number of routes and travel
Elephants drive off hyenas. Lee Kemp

Botswana Mobile Safaris | Savute

Botswana Map Travel Information: A Botswana Savute Mobile Safari showcases some of the most dramatic wilderness areas in Africa, a place that echoes a time before the hand of man
Zarafa Camp

Accommodation Choices | Botswana Travel Guide

Botswana Map Travel Information: Botswana has some of the most luxurious lodges in Africa. It also has some of the most remote and basic permanent camps located in magnificent vistas of
Cheetah kill

Roughing it in Botswana | The Ultimate Reality Show

Botswana Map Travel Information: A Botswana Mobile Safari is the ultimate way to experience the pristine wilderness and vast array of wildlife for which Botswana is renowned, allowing
Driving into Moremi

4 x 4 Self-Drive Safari Adventures in Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: Looking for the road less travelled on safari? Here are 2 great routes for 4x4 self-drive adventures in Botswana, taking in the beautiful Okavango and
Maribou Storks. Botswana. Lee Kemp

Best Seasons for Birding in Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: Botswana is less known for its birding potential, but with a range of landscapes, from desert to delta, it is coming into its own as an African birding
On the Trans-Kalahari. Ian Michler

Botswana Self-Drive Safari | Touring Botswana in a SUV

Botswana Map Travel Information: A self-drive in Botswana is generally associated with 4x4 vehicles due to the road conditions but it is possible to experience this diverse country in a
Botswanan women in traditional church-going dress. Ian Michler

Culture and Traditions of Botswana

Botswana Map Travel Information: Proud, strong-willed and resourceful, the people of Botswana are certainly the life and soul of their country and the major reason for Botswana's
Botswana Safari and Tour Packages
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